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As a 16 year old is it better to go to a smaller ballet school I mean small with not as many connections but it is definately amazing and the place you will be able to improve most, and go to maybe a bigger name summer intensive of a school that has a company you would want to be in? or go to the bigger school with more connections where you may not become as good? This is all because you want to become a professional ballerina. I'm not just saying this for myself but I was just wondering in general and im sure other people have had to make a similar choice to this.:-)

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Rachel, that is really not a question that can be dealt with in terms of speaking generally. It has to be on an individual basis, depending on the particular schools and circumstances involved. The final decision must be where the best training is. But, you have to be sure that is true. After going to SI programs in different places, are you convinced that your smaller school is giving you everything you need? If so, that is great! There are a few like that, and if you are in one of them, then stay there! But if there is a difference in the quality and the quantity of the training in changing to a different school, then that is what you must do. The connections are not as important as the training, IMO.

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thank you Ms. Leigh that was extremely helpful! I just needed to hear some professional advice because I know nowadays it is so hard to get a job without some sort of connection? I am not ready or of age to audition for companies yet but just trying to look down the road

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Sorry to intrude from the other teen board ...delete if you have to!!!

Balletqueen, I think the best way to answer this question is to see how the older dancers at your school have done. Have they gotten jobs? Has the faculty at your school helped them? I have attended both big and small schools like you were describing and my advice is just what Ms Leigh said...go were you will recieve the best training. When it came time for me to get a job it was all up to me!! Even if you have teachers with great connections you can't count on them to get you a job!!

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Yea, Thanks! I agree Kiki this is actually because I want to switch schools to a smaller school that is not where I live. I am working on figuring out how I will be able to make it happen but I just want to make sure im doing the right thing. I have always thought that the smaller school was better but I guess sometimes you just get doubts of if your on the right path ya know?


I know this school because my friends go there they actually belong to this board too! :flowers:

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