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Advice for a friend moving to Chicago


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I hope someone will be able to help me, with reagards to what opportunities there are in Chicago for ballet. I have a friend who is moving there at the end of June. She has considerable dance experience.

Thanks for any help,



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Xena, are you talking about places to take class or performing opportunities?


For class:


Ruth Page Dance Foundation


The School of Ballet Chicago


Lou Conte Dance School


are all located in the downtown/Loop area. If your friend is looking for other areas, let me know.


Performing is a different story. One major ballet company (Joffrey) and several smaller 'studio companies' (Chicago Civic Ballet, Chicago Ballet, Ballet Chicago Studio Company which function pretty much on an invitation-only basis, not audition), 3 contract/touring jazz/comtemporary companies (Hubbard Street, River North, Giordano Jazz Dance which post auditions in major periodicals such as Dance Magazine). If you need more info, please let me know.

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HI Cabriole,

and thanks for your reply! Yes, she is looking for somewhere to dance and possibly perform as she is quite a high standard.

Where do you dance?



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Jeanette, if your friend is hoping to perform, then I would recommend starting at the Ruth Page Foundation as several small companies call the building 'home' and she will be exposed to both good classes and choreographers/ADs who may extend a performance invitation. Unfortunately, Chicago remains a difficult place for a semi-professional ballet dancer to acquire work; many still get their training and then try their luck elsewhere :)

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I have passed on your information to my friend. Thank you so much, I will let you know how she gets on. She will be moving to a position at the University/medical school, so i am unsure where that is, in relation to the schools you mentioned.

Anyway, thanks once again.

Jeanette B)

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Ah, but WHICH university/medical school? There are at least three here! (University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northwestern University).

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I'll try and find out..I thought there may be more than one.

P.S. found out she is at Northwestern Univeristy Medical Centre, somewhere near the Magnificant Mile????




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Yes, Northwestern Medical Center is near Michigan Avenue (Mag Mile). The Ruth Page Foundation is a healthy walk in good weather, though the Lou Conte Dance Studio is at least a bus or cab ride away.

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