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Physical requirements for modern/broadway dancers


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I know what is considered a good body for ballet dancers, but what about modern and broadway dancers? I'm thinking body structure and look, and what about turn out, arched feet, flexibility,...? I have a little bit of a clue what's important and what's not, but I'd like to hear from someone to make sure. Thanks :D

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For modern, it really depends on the technique being danced; Graham uses a longer torso, Cunningham & Tharp were always attracted to more 'balletic' bodies with good feet, the Limon company has always had a range, but many smaller women found a place there...


Now for Broadway: long legs (men & women), good chest (again, men & women :clapping: ). Movin' Out, Contact & Fosse have all used classically trained dancers. It helps if the Broadway bound dancer can sing, at least passably. Broadway, even the national touring companies are very competitive, though the age is a bit older than in ballet companies.

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