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Miss dancing during 3 or 4 week breaks?


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Hi. I was just wondering if anyone's dance school takes long breaks after the winter schedule ends to begin the summer schedule. My school ends classes this week and the new schedule for summer will not begin again until after the 4th of July. I don't know about anyone else, but this 3 week break practically kills me! I miss dancing SO much and when we do go back I end up being all out of shape and it takes me a few days to get my pirouettes and things like that back. Of course I try to stretch and do some crunches every day but sometimes I kind of get a little....forgetful. :clapping: So, anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has breaks like this and, if so, wut you do to stay in shape and not miss dancing as much. Thanks!

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Although breaks are difficult for students/dancers to weather, they are not necessarily a bad thing. The body needs to rest. Most schools do have at least a two weeks break between the end of the academic school year and summer courses. Teachers and administrators need breaks too! :clapping: Also at the end of summer course there is usually at least a two week break between summer course and the beginning of the academic year. All ballet schools, nationally and internationally, have these breaks. It is part of ballet.

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Guest MizzCiera

You are not alone. I can't stand being out of dance class for more than a week. I have been out for a week and I will be out for two more weeks before I go to the summer intensive program at Richmond Ballet. I already miss dancing and I'm always dancing around the house or in the grocery store(haha) :clapping: . I miss my friends that I danced with as well, but hopefully these next two weeks will go by quickly.

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I wouldn't trouble myself about the break. If you're a dancer, and you get more than a 42-week contract, you're at the top of the business! Two weeks off, and I mean OFF off, everybody needs once in a while, and three weeks isn't that much more than two. Working carefully by yourself on the third week so that you'll be ready to start the summer session is really all you'll need.

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