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Can't seem to get that 3rd pirrouette...


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I've had my double pirrouette en pointe for the past year consistently. I get triples atleast once every class, but I still can't get them consistently. Are there any tips on getting that one last pirrouette?

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I have a few suggestions that always work for me that Bonnie Mathis taught me...


#1..try saying your name while going around in the turns


#2 while going around sniff 3 times (if htat makes any sense?)


#3 just think about floating around rather then getting up there and forcing it


#4 move your hips and uper torso completly together


#5 use a really steady spot and make sure its a quick spot



I really hope these help...they worked for me!!


Good luck and God Bless!!

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Multiple pirouettes are one of those things that takes a lot of practice. I am sure if you do a search in the archives you will find lots of information. I typed in "pirouettes" into the search engine and found at least 30 responses!


#1..try saying your name while going around in the turns


#2 while going around sniff 3 times (if that makes any sense?)


This is what is refered to as the diversion tactic. Sometimes students concentrate just too hard when they want to do something, creating too much tension. With tension, one cannot get around freely in turns. Although I have not tried these ideas I certainly have my own diversions for my students.

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One thing that ive noticed when I get clean triples is that the first pirouette feels more like a preparation before you start your two pirouettes. Its like the first pirouette just brings you around to the front, and then you do two pirouettes.

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There's also the "flinch factor" that's working here. You do the double, and then as you start into the third revolution, your mind cues you, "DANGER DANGER DANGER IT'S A TRIPLE!" You flinch ever so slightly, and that's just enough to make you lose your balance in that turn. You have to stop finding triples as a threat, even subconsciously, and see them as just another step. Then you should be fine.

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I seem to be one of the people who do the "flinch Factor"! I seem to get so happy when I am going into the 3rd pirrouette that I throw myself off balance! I guess it will just take a lot of practice to control myself!

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Guest Aly15grl

something that also helps me is that during the turn i keep pulling my leg/knee in passe back (it probably doesn't even move, but just thinking about it and visualizing it helps).

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I always think about technique first.. While I'm in my turn, and before, I think about where everything should be, and I make sure to hold it in place. This has really helped me, especially on off days. Also, make sure the starting position is strong, turned out, and exactly where it needs to be. If I'm scared to make it around the last time, I have to do a balance first, to assure myself that I'm on my foot, and I try to see my spot [how ever many times] and kind of say it sharply in my head. I hope that made sense.. It all seems to work for me :P

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Guest live2dance115

I personally am very excited when I get my triple, but it only happens about once a week. But try to lift up and just breath, I have noticed that when I do multiple pioettes, I usually start to feel down, and dont lift up as much. Just try to stay concentrated and work on just balancing before hand.

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