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Thank you very much, tsnsak! Yes, it's a great city and she loves her teachers there! The dance community seems to be huge and very supportive! She didn't have a time to explore other classes/studios around the city, but she found great gyrotonics teachers at Lines that used to be dancers :clapping: Good luck to your DD at NY!

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Ah the gyro at Lines...much love to them : ) I'm sure it's obvious that both my DD and I love the dance community up there. I'm always gushing about it : D The other great thing is there are so many shows to go to with all of the smaller companies around. Just talked to the DD tonight, she seems happy and hard at work so all is well...thank you for the good wishes. Best to you and yours as well!!!

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This upcoming summer I will be attending the SFB summer intensive in level 7. I am 16 right now and will have just turned 17 by the time of the program. I was just wondering if anyone knew how many students (on average) are asked to stay for the year round program from level 7?

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My 10 (almost 11yo) DD just auditioned a week ago for the SFB school Fall semester. How long does it generally take to hear back and what percentage of children that audition at that age get in? I've been reviewing some older posts on this thread and someone said that for the 7 1/2 year olds, of 100 children, only 40 got in. I want to know b/c we are also looking at another pre pro school in San Francisco that is smaller and not as well known. My DD attended their SI last summer and it seemed like they would most likely accept her into the school for this fall if she wanted to go. I have already scheduled her for a placement class this coming weekend, I think they would want us to sign her up soon after that. I still don't know which one we would choose if she were to be accepted for both. I don't really know a lot about SFB, my DD is around the right age of level 3 or 4 if she were to make it in. How many classes a week do they take at those levels?

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If your child is 10, she probably won't be placed in level 4 at SFB, unless she is very, very good. They place by ability not age generally. For example, most kids in level 5 are in 7th grade (but they have younger and older in the class).


However, she has a better chance of getting in at this age then when they are younger and there are more kids auditioning, or when she is 15 and the competition is fierce. That other school you are considering is also very good, but about takes everyone. You are basically just auditioning for placement. You can wait until you find out about about SFB before committing to that other program.


SFB no longer posts their schedule online, but from what I remember, level 1 has 2 classes a week, levels 2 and 3 have class 3 days a week. And level 5 has classes 5 days a week. I don't remember for sure how many classes level 4 has, but I believe it is 4 or 5 . If you call and ask, they should be able to give you very detailed info regarding the schedule, but as there is a new school director who just started this year, it is possible that next year's schedule will be different.

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Thank you lemlemish! I'm still waiting to hear back if my DD was accepted or not, we'll know by the end of this week. If she is accepted, is it OK to ask you a few more questions about SFB to help me make a decision about which school to place her in?

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Dd auditioned for year round during the summer program. They said we would hear mid July. We have heard nothing. Has anyone heard anything?

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I have not heard anything either! We emailed to find out when, but haven't heard a thing. The waiting is the hardest part :crying:

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Dd received an acceptance to SF Ballet year round but has decided to stay put. Perhaps in another year or two she will be ready. She wants to attend more of their SI's.

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Does anyone know when nutcracker auditions will be? I'm about to send out birthday invitations and realizing that we could have a conflict! It's my DD's first year at SFB so I really have no clue, but a September Saturday seems like a possibility. Thank you!

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They should send out an email soon with the age and height requirements and audition info. Usually the Nutcracker auditions are on a Saturday in mid to late Sept, with rehearsals beginning in Oct. Last year they were on the 29th but I remember thinking that was later than in prior years. Since there have been so many changes with the new AD, I would call the office and see if they'll tell you this year's date, or ask at the orientation.


Also, I would ask the office about the a/b thing. From parents I've heard the following: that there is absolutely no difference; that the difference has to do with where people are driving from (ie. they will try to have the kids who have weekend classes be from outside the city); and that it has to do with one section being better than the other. It's all rumors and hearsay. If you need to know, you could always ask the office and see what they tell you.

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