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I too would be interested in hearing more from parents of current students about the school. The reports are rather underwhelming? :ermm:

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Approximately how much is the tuition for SFO year round training program

I think the tuition is about $6500 for the upper levels, not including housing.

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Thyme- do you have any specific questions or are you just looking for a general sense of the program?

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a general sense please. I read the reports about 'abuse' and bullying and am wondering if this is a widely held view and if so, is it still a problem?

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Thanks for your quick reply! Do you feel like the school has been worth it? Do people have help with financial aid?

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I used to train at SFB. I left right before Patrick took over, and repeating levels 3 and 4 was becoming more common. But it was usually only about 6 people max. repeating per level. I repeated only once before I was let go. Th upper levels definitely had repeats, but I'm not sure about the numbers. When I was there, the upper levels were more finishing school for dancers from the SI. But it seems Patrick wants to make the school more uniform by trying to keep more people from the lower levels (and changing the whole class and performance dress code).


I think I got a 25% FA as a girl, and my bro got 25% or 50%.

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Airbell12, during what time period were you attending the school?

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Patrick Armand is the current director and he took over the school just before the 2012-2013 school year. Many kids were cut in the intermediate levels at that time.


To address the "bullying" discussed above, in our experience that has not been an issue. That does not mean that it doesn't exist, but I would not say it's a widely held belief of the parents.

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I was there from Level I-IV. I left in 2012 (you can do the math). Since I am not active at the school, I cannot provided accurate information about "bullying.."

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I agree with Lemlemish. I haven't heard of anything out of the ordinary. I don't know if there is bullying in different levels, and if it's worse in the middle levels, before the pre-professional levels?

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Does anyone have any current information about the Pre-Ballet (6-7 year olds) and/or the lower level age 8+ audition-only classes? Is it worth a fairly long commute?

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I would say Pre-ballet is not worth the commute. For the lower levels, it would depend on what you have near you. The pre-ballet classes don't seem to be any different than the classes anywhere else. My kids did not take the pre-ballet there, and were accepted into the school. Most of the kids in the lower levels did not take pre-ballet at SFB. I don't have any official numbers, but it only seems to be a small handful of kids we know who did.

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Thank you for your input! Right now my DD is 6 and is in her 2nd year at another school (with 2 years at another school in the state where we used to live). I just looked at SFB and their age cutoff is September 1st for the 8 year olds to be admitted into the first level by audition, so if she were to start there next year she would have two more years of pre-ballet to go until she is old enough for Ballet 1 due to a Fall birthday. Especially considering that she's been in ballet since age 3, 2 more years after this one just feels like a LOT of pre-ballet! Age 8 seems kind of late to start, or am I off base? Thinking I may keep her where she is and then have her audition at 8 for their lower levels.


Edited to clarify that she's halfway through her 4th year of pre-ballet now but that it was 2 years in our first state and 2 years in our current state rather than 4 years at the same school.

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