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DS,  13,  was placed in level 6. He will be 14 in November.  We have some tough decisions to make in a few days. He was also rewarded full scholarship t mentored more individualized attention with a former SFB dancer who has been coaching some excellent  dancers.   He has been enrolled in Visions in Education.   California has some great homeschool programs like Inspire which als provide stipends for curriculum.  

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Melody78 congrats to your DS! Did he end up attending the year round program at SFB and if so what are his/your thoughts about the program? Thank you!


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May I ask where out of town parents stay when visiting the school for a few days, perhaps for the year end performance? Is there a favourite place that you go to?  I am thinking around the lines of a budget minded parent and dancer that will only be in town for a few days. First time in San Fran, therefore, a place close to SFBS would be preferred. I read about Monroe on this thread, but it seems that they only offer longer term stays.Thank you!


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I will add another question about SF and SFBS housing, as we are urgently trying to decide between Jackson vs other options, such as Monroe, etc. Also, this was asked here before, but I wonder if there are families that may offer, share or rotate supervision in an apartment setting for a group of girls for the year round program? 

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I have stayed at the Monroe short term (paid for a week). It was still cheaper than a few nights in a hotel plus meals. You could ask the manager. No harm.

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My DS switched programs. It was too dangerous for him to commute on BART and walk from civic center to SFBS especially at night.  I hope parents can put pressure on the city and BART to make it safer for students and SFBS staff to commute.  

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I know housing is particularly a topic of interest for those interested in the SFB school, so I thought I would share the press release. Good news!



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Thank you for sharing, that is great news!   Does anybody know how close the Bowes center is to SFB?  It wasn’t clear to me from the article, as I don’t know the area. 

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It's 3 blocks away along the same street! You can see it from SFB 🙂 when we walked by last weekend, the building's frame was all up. Looked very nice. 

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Approximately how many students are there in what they would consider Intermediate, Advanced and Trainee? Maybe this is high school age and up?  Or more specifically, approximately how many students are from out of town and require housing?


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Little Pointe Bird

For those whose high school dancer has attended the conservatory program - how do the academics work? Do you bring your own tutorial? Is there a proctor or are students primarily on their own during hours for school? Also, are the school hours concentrated in the morning and then dance or middle of the day broken up by morning and afternoon dance? I'm not seeing too much information on the site describing this portion of their pre-pro. Thanks in advance. Researching for next year. It's promising that they've increased housing opportunities. 

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Little Pointe Bird, My daughter is in a charter school and her classes are all online. There isn’t much down time during the day so most of her work needs to be done in the evenings and weekends. She’s training Monday-Friday approx 9:30-4 (some days a little earlier and some days later) and Saturday’s range from 1.5 to 3.5 hours. It might be different for younger students and when they open up the new housing. 

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