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Little Pointe Bird

Thank you. When I didn't see much about the schedule, I assumed it might be up to the students to get the work done on their "down time."  Sounds more conducive to the Junior or Senior high schooler, which my daughter would be by then. Is your daughter in the Intermediate/Advanced or the Advanced/Pre Pro? Or are they both on the same schedule, so it doesn't matter?

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Little Pointe Bird,

My DD is not at the school, but I found a couple of their student handbooks online when I was researching if she could commute (and found out that she would have to switch schools). The handbook lists the levels and class schedules. It is from a couple of years ago, but the schedule seems consistent year after year. 


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Little Pointe Bird

I appreciate that, KnH. Thank you.


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Little Pointe Bird, the levels in the school are 1-8 and then trainees. Level 7 & 8 are full day programs with students ranging in ages 15-19 years old. As far as terminology this would be similar to another schools advanced pre- pro program.  Also, the trainee program at SFB is full tuition scholarship and they are provided with housing. Whereas many other trainee programs are just a top level of the school and you pay tuition.

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I would love to learn if anyone has recent experience with level 5 and level 6 at SFBS. 
Level 5 seems to have five 1.5-1.75 hour ballet tech classes and one dedicated 1.25 hour pointe class per week based on their class schedule (in addition to contemporary, mat and music). Do they practice pointe during the longer ballet tech classes as well? Same question on level 6 which has two dedicated pointe classes per week. 
Thank you! 


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In addition to the schedule you have*, the Level 5s last year would occasionally pick up an additional day of wearing pointe shoes at the end of a technique class. Level 6 has partnering, and therefore has a bit more pointe. The teachers decide what the class needs, the last few years, I think. 

* In my opinion, all bets are off as to what the schedule will look like this year. 

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Thank you, wintergarden !

I am sure the curriculum is built carefully, so is this another example of quality over quantity? I think level 5 is generally 13-14 yo at SFBS (but please correct me if I am off) and the “age appropriate guideline” on this board says13 yo should be getting 2-3 pointe classes and 14-15 yo should be getting 4+. 

Yes, I agree with you that the schedule could look very different everywhere this  year...

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You are welcome! I believe it reflects scheduling issues...5/6 starts after school and there are only so many classes that fit in that window. But I don’t have any hard data. I do know that SFBS girls are not getting anywhere near what is recommended on this board. 

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I read that they are considering moving up the start time for level 5/6 to 2pm from 4pm in the future, so that may be related to the scheduling issue you are referring to. Thank you, wintergarden.

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An article about the new residence with some numbers. It says that it will house 52 students, 10 of which will be reserved for Intermediate level/14-16 yos (13+ yos from next year). I believe they are still on plan to open this October. 



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In the past, SFBS held auditions for local dancers in the fall, but I haven't been able to find any updates online-does anyone know their status/if they're going in person and when? 

Also, I heard that there were some schedule changes made for 7, 8, and trainees-if anyone has an updated schedule and can share please let me know! 

Very excited to hear about the Bowes Center, I passed by there recently and it looks amazing 😁

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