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Has there been any change in the technique being taught (i.e. Balanchine, Vagonava, etc) since Gloria left?

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Also, does anyone know how many SFBS students are accepted into the company? It says on the website roughly 40% of the company was trained at the school. I've heard/read that last year just one student "graduating" was asked to join to company.

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I believe that one route into the company is from the trainee level/program. If I am not mistaken 3 out of the 4 apprentices this year were from the SFB trainee program. So, more than one made it into the company this season. Sometimes it takes 2 years in the trainee program to make apprentice in the company.

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SFB is contractually obligated to hire 5-6 apprentices every year. Most of them in most years are SFBS students and since the start of the trainee program, all of the SFBS apprentices have come from the trainee program.

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The three apprentices this year that came from SFBS (Sasha did not) were all Trainees last year. The year before, it was the same. So as I said. Every apprentice hired from the school was in the trainee program. Have I now made myself clearer?

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Victoria Leigh

LMC, I'm not sure you have made yourself clear. Do you mean that Sasha, although not from the school, was in the Trainee program before becoming an apprentice?

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Yes , I am a bit confused too. Are the apprentices considered apprentices of SFBS (the school) or apprentices of SFB (the company). Sometimes I have noticed that apprentices are under the umbrella of the school. I believe it might be that way at Miami City Ballet/School. I thought that the apprentices were under the company at SFB. Are any of the apprentices hired from level 8 of the school or must they all go onto trainee before apprentice? I will assume based on the comments here that some apprentices are hired from the outside (no prior training at SFBS). I know of 2 dancers fairly recently who attended the SI, were invited to the trainee level and moved up to apprentice within a year. They are both in the corps now.

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The SFB apprentices are company members. They are paid. They perform with the company as members. There are as many as 5-6 of them per year. Many of them come from San Francisco Ballet School. The ones that do come from SFBS are from the trainee program (which is a SCHOOL program). Trainee program participants are handpicked by Helgi Tomasson during the Summer Session and come from Level 8.


Not all the apprentices come from San Francisco Ballet School. Sometimes they come from other schools, like Sasha. In that case, they were NOT in the trainee program.


Am I clear now?

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Yes LMC, you have made your explanation much clearer, thank you. :grinning:


I would however suggest that you try to take a less strident tone when responding to those who are trying to figure out what you mean. Instead of saying, "Am I clear now?", it might come across more congenial to say something like, "Sorry for the confusion. If this is still unclear, please let me know." :) We really appreciate your input, but we do expect everyone here on BT to use a courteous tone with one another. :unsure: (Your intent may not have been to appear strident, but your choice of words at the end of your last couple of posts does give that impression.)

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Is it possible to become a trainee with SFB without attending the summer program? Or even the level below trainee?



Oh, ddm3, about MCB, there are student apprentices, who technically are supposed to take school classes when they can. There are also company apprentices who are not part of the school.

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You cannot become a trainee without attending the summer program. You can however be asked to stay for the year-round program.

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Well. my dd was invited to stay for the year-round program :sweating: but..... she is 15.5 and not old enough for the dorm. What can I do? :rolleyes: Are there any BT4D parents who have had a similar experience? What solutions did you come up with? Share an apartment with other older dancers? Dd is so excited. We live 2 hours away so I could be there on weekends. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.



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Does anyone know how the last year graduates from this program fair, in regards to contracts with companies.

The Independence High School, has anyone from this board graduated with their High School diploma? What was that like.


What is the age limit for the residences house?

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