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My daughter's experience walking the route between the dorm and the school and back for the last 10 weeks (5 weeks summer, 5 weeks school year) has been positive, no issues whatsoever. After dancing in San Francisco, London, New York, and DC, our eyes are wide open. The dorm is not in the Tenderloin - however near it, so the articles/data are important and precautions are needed - but clearly my daughter would never hang out there or even walk through it. Again, nothing that street smarts and steering clear of obviously bad areas can't handle. If you're concerned, I encourage you to walk the route yourselves when you're next in the City, as I did this weekend. Best of luck with your choice of programs, there is always a lot to consider!

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Hi adf, good question! My daughter reports that she has never walked in or out of the building without guards at the front desk (BTW, super helpful for food deliveries so that my daughter isn't meeting the Instacart or Door Dash folks), but when the building is locked after curfew I'm not sure if the security guard sits at the main entrance or is elsewhere in the building. The students also use their key card at two different points to access their floor. 

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All four AD finalist candidates have now taught their (virtual) company classes and engaged in (virtual) Q&A sessions with the dancers.  The search committee solicited feedback from the company, including the opportunity to leave comments on class quality and overall impressions of each candidate.  The union solicited only a numerical ranking.  The four finalists range from uninspiring to downright problematic which is a great shame.  The dancers will be updated on the status of the search process in the coming weeks.  

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