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Topazio - not directly related to SFB, but my DS at 16/17 lived on his own with 2 other female dancers for his Senior year of high school and final year of ballet school. You can PM me if you like for further details of what went into our decision. It was a successful year, with no major problems or disasters. The situation is not for every dancer, your child must be very mature and able to take care of themselves ie/cook, laundry, schoolwork , etc.


Good luck with your decision and I hope you get some input and solutions. :)

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You might want to make sure the school will allow it. The school my dd is moving to will not allow any minor to live with anyone under the age of 21.

Have you talked to the school about a temporary host family?

Good Luck!

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You can PM me if you'd like. I might be a ble to answer some questions regarding IHS and the residence house.

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My dd was asked to stay as well. I was told today however there is a wait list for the townhouse. :)

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I am about ready to rent an apt. except that I don't want her to live by herself. She is mature and has homeschooled before, can cook (somewhat) and I trust her to be able to handle lots of situations. I would be able to see her often but I wouldn't want to live there away from hubby. My son is leaving for college in August so it would just be the 2 of us left if she also went away. Sqmca, your dd sat behind us in church 2 weeks ago. I hope we can work it out, it seems a shame to waste this opportunity.

Redstorm, I emailed the school but haven't heard back yet.

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Look on the Homestay sites/listings on Google. My daughter lives out of the country at ballet school in a Homestay. There are many listed for SF and USA. It has worked out very well for us.

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DD's 2 classmates at her home studio (both boys) were also asked to stay. One indicated that "a lot" were asked this year. Any numbers?



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My youngest daughter attended SFBS for 2 years and graduated from IHS. Basically, she attended school one day per week for about an hour or so. She had her own teacher there who would go over her work in each subject, give her assignments for the following week and collect her homework and answer questions, if she had any. The school was in the city a distance from the ballet school, but able to be access by the public bus system. They arranged their time for her so she could get to school and back before class at SFBS. They also worked with her to double up time prior to Nutcracker so that she would not need to be reporting to school when doing all the shows. The CA requirements for graduation were much less than our home state, so she ended up being finished with school much sooner than we expected. They did not have all of the courses that we would have liked available to her, but did offer to have her attend the local community college for classes instead. Since the college courses were in place of high school, there was no charge for her to attend them.

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No charge for the college classes. That good to know, was the college will to work around the ballet schedule as well.

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Be sure you understand what type of credit the college courses count for if taking them during high school. Even though they are 'college courses', they may or may not count as college credits. If they are counting as actual college credits, be sure you understand how they do or do not impact your dancer's status as a college freshman when the DK actually enters college.

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Dancemaven has some good points- you want to make sure over the course of her HS that she gets all the credits needed for college, even if right now you are not thinking that route. Do not eliminate any options. Most colleges have basic requirements and some will not except credits from community colleges or the independatn/homeschool type HS like you describe (some private colleges- I learned this by experience with anolder child). Be sure you also think about preparing to take ACT/SAT. A sophomore in HS should take the PACT and PSAT and do well by the end of their sophmore year.


Also think about the safety of where your DD lives. And some landlords will not want teenagers and young adults living alone.

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