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The school did things different this year. They accepted many students the 4th week of the program, but didn't tell them their housing and scholarship status until last week.


mirabray-I talked to the principal of IHS and several college admissions departments around the country and we decided to have DD do an online high school. The college credit option doesn't always work well with the ballet schedule. I'll be researching more this week. Is your DD staying at the Jackson House? Mine is. Pm me or I'll PM you later. I'm still working on getting luggage that was lost from our flights yesterday.

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Another way to make sure a college will except a HS credit is to go the NCAA web site and check out the school or home school program you plan to use. It will list exactly what coarse a college will excpet- you will be surprised how many are not. I know this is for Division I athletes but it will show you what your dancer needs to keep college eligible. Since you may well be your DD's college councilor as well, check now into schools she might be interested in and what their basic requirements are so you can plan her coarses in HS now.

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Well, I guess we're not going to go to SFBS next year. They made an offer that we couldn't accept. The IHS only takes students age 16 and up and have 55 credits. The apartments are very expensive, although I didn't have a problem with finding one that would accept a dancer, if I was there part time. The dance level was such that my dd would dance more at home. I figured with the money we saved we could hire a private dance teacher. She'll try again next year and hopefully they'll put her at a higher level and have room for her in the dorm. :toot: She loved her summer and misses all the new friends she made. What a great experience! :thumbsup:


Also... I was told by the registrar that the reason they invited so many students this year to stay was that the caliber of dancers was such that they decided to try and fit all these great dancers into their program. No matter if it was crowded. But, I also know that many dancers decided not to return this year. I don't know the reason why, I can only surmise, and I won't.

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I also think a lot of dancers got jobs last year, which probably wiped out the top levels.

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Trainees are still students and still in Level 8 classes. Kids with jobs are totally gone out of the program.

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Independence High is part of SF Public Schools. The school has a very poor reputation in the community for acedemics. If you have a very strong, self directed and committed student they might be able to get a decent education but they could have a tough time getting into any college that stresses acedemics. A better option is International High, an independent school a few blocks from the school. They have a good acedemic program and will work their hours around the ballet school schedule.


I will now use this opportunity to comment on how unfortunate it is that SFBS schedules thier classes for the upper levels in a way that makes it very difficult for their students complete high school. The classes start in the early afternoon and very few schools in SF are willing to work around that early start. Independence is one of the few options and it is very poor acedemically. I find it ironic that the Company has a program that encourages and assists Company members to complete a college degree at a local college but, through their scheduling, discourages students at the school from completing high school.

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The big different in the two school, for me is defined by about $26,000 annually. Since my daughter has spent three years in a solid high school with only one subject away for a requirement to graduate, I am sure colleges should take that into consideration. SFB is no different in terms of scheduling. Other big name schools have the same type of schedule. A least their is only the top two levels. The good thing about this IHS, is the student does not have to go there every day, unlike New York schools where safety is an issue as well. I always felt it would be good to have ballet schools do the schedule around the academics, but some teachers have explain it is better for the dancers, to dance early, instead after a long day at school. I also suspect their is not enough studio space.

Since SFB is not unique to this. We could blame the educational system as well for not being flexible regarding ballet as a real career option.

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Actually, I will contradict what balletdad says by saying that there are about 14 schools in San Francisco that work with SFBS's early start time. Some of them are considered very good schools by the city's parents. You can contact the SFBS to get a list of high schools that work with them directly.


Independence High is an excellent choice for those out of town students who have spent several years in a traditional high school setting and just need to finish off a few credits. I wouldn't recommend it for a student to do ALL of high school there, however.


SFBS's schedule is dictated by the necessities of the pre-professional student and the limitations of the facility. It's schedule is not terrible different from any other pre-pro school without an academic program like SAB, PNB or Houston.

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Has Lola De Avila joined the school as Associate Director permanently or is the search still on to replace Gloria Govrin?

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Mirabray: Did you mean that NY schools were not safe compared to SF schools? Or were you referring to the city itself? Just curious since I know SF very well and personally, I think NY is a safer city overall. SF is smaller and there are many more "bad" area's. I would have a very hard time having my daughter wander around. The homeless population is high and is very dirty. Mayor Newsom should learn a few things on how to clean up a city...like NYC. :offtopic:

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Well, in terms of safety, maybe I overstated this. I was thinking in regard to interacting 5 days a week, 6 hours, in a public school, compare to 45 minutes at IHS a week. But my husband just pointed out to me if would only take 45 minutes not to be safe. Now this leads me to my next question, which I have not inquire about the school.

How safe is it, in terms of traveling, students, and neighbor? I do know New York, I live there before when it been safe and when it was not. I do not know enough about San Francisco or it public school system. Thanks everyone for their input.

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IHS is in a safe residential neighborhood. The buses the students take to get there are on routes that are considered very safe. At IHS the students are not in class with "the general population". They meet one-on-one with their teacher in a library like setting with about ten cublicles (one for each teacher) set around a central study table.


I have always felt safe in SF and never in NYC, and I have lived in both places. It's all in your perspective. I find NYC residents to be much more angry and agressive than SF residents, homeless and not.

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Check the web site, they took off interim in her title, it was there in the beginning of the year during summer auditions but I notice was remove sometime after that.

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