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You are wrong to think colleges will understand about one credit. Privates schools especailly have strict admissions standards and do not have to be understanding- there are always more qualified students applying with the same talent level as your DD. A state college might be, but then you complicate it by moving out of state, if that is the case. And all colleges will wonder why in a student's senior year they only took one or two credits. Not every dancer will make it all the way and you should never put all your eggs in one basket. A good friend of my DD did and now has an injury that will stop her from dancing and spent the last 2 years of HS more involved in dance then school. She is not qualified to even go to our state school. Be sure to find a balance- one should not be more important than the other.


I am sure if there are that many schools in SF that dances have attended, you can find one to work around her schedle but keep her in good standing school wise. It just may take some time and a lot of calls and visits, but in the long run it will be better dor your DD.

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My DD finished her high school diploma through IHS and I would second what LMCtech recommends. It was fine for my daughter who only needed a few more credits but is not the kind of school that I would want my kids to go to for their full high school years. When a college is looking at the high school experience, they do not only consider the last few credits, but take into account the entire educational experience of the student. My 3 girls have all been dancers and have finished their high school diplomas while away from home. When the first one started that route, she was going to SAB and finished her education through a correspondence course. I was concerned because she was a "gifted" student in HS and was on a very demanding academic track. I discussed her situation with an admissions person at an Ivy League college and was assured that my daughter would be looked in a more positive manner with the correspondence diploma and the SAB experience than the honors courses staying at her local high school. It is hard to make hard and fast statements about what is better. My girls have gone on to taking college courses with no problems after their high school years. They have been dancers so cannot go to college full time. Community college has been the best route for them to start since they can only take a course or 2 at a time with dancing full time. If your dancers are not planning a dance career, but expect to go to college full time instead, then maybe a different schooling would be needed. I know that many dancers, including SFBS dancers do go on to excellent colleges without an issue.

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Thank you LMCtech, lillianna, your wealth of knowlegde for me has been unmeasurable, I cannot express enough gratitude. DD has had a large school load for three years, and it would be good for her to just be able to focus on her dance. She want's to dance profession and San Francisco Ballet has offer her this great chance.

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16. But exceptions have been made for extraordinarily mature 15 year olds.

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Has the SFB cast for Nutcracker yet? My daughter has two friends in the school and has not heard if they were cast yet. We wanted to come to a performance to see them.

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The schedules are supposed to come out December 1st. Roles have been cast though. We are also waiting for schedule...

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Yes, we know of two recent grads from National Ballet School who attended in Level 8 this summer.



We are considering the SI of NBS and SI of SFB (full scholarship) and would enjoy any thoughts on differences and qualities.

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Hello Florence, welcome to Ballet Talk. There is so much information available here that you won't believe it! However, it is board policy not to get into directly comparing programs. After you have 30 posts, you will be able to message directly with others on the board to ask more private questions. Until then, I suggest you read through the many pages about both programs' summer intensives. If you are considering year-round, there are separate threads for both schools as well. My Dd has attended both summer programs; I have read all BT info and can vouch that it will give you an accurate feel for NBS and SFB. There is no wrong answer in chosing between the two; both are wonderful programs! :clapping: It will depend on your dancer's personal goals and needs as far as distance from home, style of training, class size, year round option, academics, etc.

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Thank you balletrocs2, what wonderful advice you have given!


Florence-Welcome! Balletrocs2 is correct. Since we do not know your dancers and their strengths and weaknesses we cannot determine which program is right for them. That is why we don't compare programs here. What we can do here is provide you with a wealth of info on each program seperately so that you can make your own decisions as the person who does, in fact, know the dancer. So, please, do look at each thread seperately.


You can find the information you're looking for in the 2007/8 Summer Intensive Forum and also in the Summer Intensive Classics forum.

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Just started sorry- I do not mean to compare- we have gathered alot of info and now it seems there is more- DD is 16 and into it all

Thanks Florence

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