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I just notice this on the web this year. They have accepted exchange students without summer attendance into the trainee program. But you can always email or call for more information.

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They do prefer advanced students to attend the summer session first. If you wait until Sep to audition you run the risk of no scholarships and housing being available.


You also will not be able to qualify for the trainee program.

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I called them over the summer to find out about year round auditions. They have methods for entry for all ages other than 12 year olds! They have auditions for year round for 7 1/2 to 10 year olds, and 8 - 11 year olds. Then, their summer program is for 13 - 18 year olds! When I called, I was advised to have my dd audition for the summer program, even though she's only 12. If she got in, there would be no housing available for her for the summer, and most kids in the class at their lowest level for the summer are 13 - 14 years old. However, if she attended the summer program, she would then be able to be considered for year round.

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I'm hoping someone will be able to update on the current "graduates" (if any) in this program and what their plans are for next year. If they have company positions, please let us know if those are trainee, apprentice, corp and then male/female. This information helps others track the true success of the program from year to year.

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12 Trainees per year


Women: 2 were offered SFB 2nd year trainee

3 were offered SFB apprentice

1 was offered SFB corps position



1 was offered 2nd year SFB Trainee

1 was offered SFB apprentice

1 was offered SFB corps

1 took Washington Ballet corps

1 took Cincinnati Ballet

1 returned to Europe


Level 8 women:


2 were offered North Carolina Dance Theater Apprentice positions

1 was offered Victor Ultate Ballet (former trainee) in Spain

1 was offered Houston Ballet apprentice

I was offered BBII

1 was offered SFB Trainee Program


Level 8 Men:


1 was offered North Carolina Dance Theater Apprenticeship

1 was offered Ballet Memphis


(Mirabray helped with this info)


This post was edited June 3

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1 Former Male dancer from our school, was accepted to the trainee program last year by way of an audition which took place during company class. After spending the year as a trainee, he has been offered a corps contract with SFB and has accepted. This was one of the recent announcements made.

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I just want to let people knowt the SFB graduate info has been updated, and my post edited. Thanks!

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I've read through this thread but still had a couple of questions. Can anyone speak to the style of training at SFBS (Balanchine, Vaganova, etc)?


Also, I've seen the current tuition for SFBS listed on their website but there is no information about the cost of housing. Would anyone mind giving me a rough estimate of what the residence might cost per month?


I'm just gathering information on a few programs for DD so any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I believe the style of dancing is very classical. There are some Balanchine teachers there, as well as Repertoire. The AD of the company is a known Balanchine dancers as well as a company that does Balanchine. But the teaching I believe is well rounded. The dancers have been place in many US companies as well as Europe. I do believe they are perfect for finishing a young dancers to a advance proffessional level. If you are looking for that, have your dd audition for the next summer program and take it from there.

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Thank you, Mirabray! Your description of the program is very helpful and I greatly appreciate your sharing the information. DD is definitely looking for a well-rounded program and we just want to make certain that SFBS is not exclusively Balanchine. DD is eagerly looking forward to the posting of their audition schedule in November.

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DS is going out to the school/company in January. We are trying to find out what the area around the school is like. He will probably be staying in a hotel near the school. There are a number available - all within walking distance, but some seem really inexpensive, which makes us wonder about the neighborhood - not the area around the school but perhaps a few blocks out. Any advice on a good, safe, reasonably priced place to stay where he can also walk to the studios? We would like to get his room booked while he's home for the holidays. Also - we did some checking and it seems that an 18 year old can check into most hotels alone - provided no one else in the party is under 18. Would be interested in knowing if anyone had a problem at that age checking into a given hotel around the school. Thanks in advance.

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Parts of the neighborhoods near the school are indeed pretty dicey, and it could very well be that the inexpensive places would not be good choices for an 18-year-old (or anyone, for that matter). Also, some areas near the school, like Hayes Valley, just a couple blocks away, are quite nice. In terms of general safety, BTW, I find the neighborhood where they are to be perfectly safe during the day and very safe at night, especially if with other people. I would recommend checking the hotels you have found on a site with traveler reviews to get a better sense of what is OK or not OK. I use tripadvisor.com and have had great luck picking hotels all around the country and in Europe, but there are other sites that have similar info. Also, have you asked SF Ballet for recommendations? Don't know if they have any, but it would be worth a phone call. Once you pick a hotel, he should be able to check in OK as long as you call them and explain the situation, I would think.

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Thanks for the ideas. I looked at the list on their website - what a great idea - and one of the places is one that we were considering. We'll also have him contact his POC out there at the company and find out her impressions of that particular area. We'll also make sure we check out online reviews if there are any available. Thanks again.

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SF Ballet School has a residence for SF Ballet trainees but sometimes students in the highest level at the school can stay there - not sure if you've checked into this? good luck to "Rufa"!

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