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Thanks dancemaven, I totally agree with you. My husband is the one with a different perspective (he was a single-minded, olympic-track swimmer from age three, so at least he "walked the walk" so to speak). It's way, way too much to put all eggs in the ballet basket, anyhow -- I'm just trying to figure out how to balance my daughter's strong desires so that she gets enough but not too much. And also thinking about how to get my husband to tone down his expectations as well! Thanks again.

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We have a friend who auditioned but she hasn't heard back yet.

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I have some housekeeping questions regarding the Jackson House which I wondered if someone familiar with the living arrangements there could answer:

I know that we have to provide a Muni pass and dd will have to provide all her own meals.

1. Is there internet available?

2. How does providing all your own meals work with 25 resident. Do the students sometime cook together? OR do they all prepare their meals separately? Is there a grocery store nearby to get your food stuff on the way back from the studio?

Thank you!

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Hi All,

Paying it forward with answers to the above questions received from the school: 1. There is internet available and a desktop in the House. 2. Some residents do plan/fix meals together, and there is a Trader Joes and Whole Foods nearby, usually accessed by a short bus ride.

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Hi Learning.a.lot: I can help out a little.

1. There is internet (wifi) at the residence.

2. Jackson House has a great kitchen. There is a wall of refrigerators/freezers which each dk has space. There is also a pantry area divided up into cubbies for each dk. There is an ice machine (great for sore bodies) and also a milk machine. There are plenty of pots, pans, utensils and anything else you can imagine for cooking. As far as cooking together, that's up to the kids. It is, however, a great way for them to get to know each other.

I hope this helps.

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It does. Thank you Oliveoil34!

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Hello all :) DD is invited to stay for year in level 7. Before we make a final decision, we are trying to get more information about the year-round program.

If anybody can, please :helpsmilie: !

1) What is the age range for level 7? (DD is 15)

2) How many girls in the class?

3) How many classes a day? (on their website it says only 2)

4) Do they offer staying in Jackson House for level 7 students?

5) If the student feels that schedule is not intense, is he/she allowed to take contemp classes at Lines, for example?

6) Are they strict about particular pointe shoes brand? (DD can dance in RP only)

7) Are students allowed to go to other SI?

Sorry for so many questions :( Thank you very much!

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Hi WAballet, Congratulations to you and your dd :)


My suggestion to you is to call the school directly and ask them most, if not all of your questions. You should speak with the registrar directly since that is the person who can most accurately answer your questions and concerns. Good luck with your decision.

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WAballet - did you get answers from the school to any of your questions? If so, would you feel comfortable sharing what you found out?

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Of course! Sorry, I just came home from overseas and didn't see your questions.

1) The age range of level 7 is 15-17

2) This year there is about 20 girls in the class, which is unusual.

3) The information on thier website is correct, there is only 2 classes a day and 1 on Saturdays. However, they said that levels 7-8 and trainees will be involved in rehearsals later during the year, also they can ask about taking lower level classes.

4) There are a few level 6 girls staying in Jackson house.

5) Not sure about dance classes at Lines, but some of the girls are going to take pilates or gyrotonics classes offered in many other studios. SFB school added contemp class for level 7 and 8 this year.

6) The school doesn't require any particular pointe shoe brand.

7) I've heard from other parents that students have to take the SFB SI.

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Hi WABallet! I'm not sure this applies specifically about what you were talking about but anyway...I think one of the things that you or your DD will find is that the San Francisco dance community can be pretty friendly amongst the trainee (or year round) programs in town. My DD has a ton of friends who are there and she's spent a lot of time up there and all of her friends from all the programs know each other. (My DD's been to SFB, LINES and the San Francisco Conservatory at different times.)


But what's also nice is that you have (ex) SFB company members (as well as a bunch of ex LINES dancers) teaching at not only SFB but at LINES and the Conservatory as well and it always seemed (seems) quite common for dancers drop to in on other school's classes. It's a great city for your DD to expand her dance vocabulary, knowledge and skill level with really great teachers and classes offered all within a few blocks of each other :clapping: . My DD thought for sure that SF was where she was going to end up doing her after graduation training and was actually surprised to find herself instead in NY. But she still feels that SF has some of the strongest teachers and programs around...wish your DD all the best if she ends up at SFB. Great program!

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