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Hi everyone, I am getting ready to leave for ADC this weekend and I am very excited but I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. about how much dance " stuff"( leos and tights) did you bring.I needed to buy alot of stuff since I dont have class as frequently and didnt have nearly enough but I wonder if mabye I still dont. so if anyone could give me some advice that'd be great. see some of you soon! :clapping:



ps. ADC has been such a fun excuse to buy stuff! ( i'm thinking i'll take advantage of our discount at the store there)

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I believe this is all covered in the "Richmond Survival Guide" thread in the saved threads area of this forum. I can't speak for the ladies but I can site my own experience. I used to bring way too much stuff. Now I try to pare it down to essentials only. I like to shower at lunch which means a change of clothes half way through the day. I've learned over the years the secret of M Stevens Milliskin tights. It dries fast so you can use the same pair several times over the week. Also, someone taught me once to roll your damp clothes in a hotel towel after washing them, then walk on it or squeeze out the excess water. This allows the clothes to dry even faster (meaning you can re-use them sooner).


I also pack a small bottle and fill it with Woolite to use to wash my clothes every night. The sink in the hotel rooms is just deep enough to do the job.

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I'll second the suggestion for Woolite and laundry a' la hotel sink. Squeezing

out damp laundry in a towel before you hang it to dry is a must, unless

you're staying in the desert :clapping: A couple of other tips, too:


1) Get one of those flat rubber disks which can be used to form a watertight

seal in case the hotel sink drain plug leaks.


2) A do-it-yourself clothesline with some elasticized cord can be a help too.

They sell these sorts of things in travel stores, but I've seen them elsewhere too.

You can create all sorts of clothes-drying constructions in or near windows,

railings, or air conditioning units.


3) Clothespins are good to bring, and not just for pinning clothes to the line!

I have used them to secure lightweight items in a balanced fashion to ceiling

fan blades in some hotel rooms, and then (using caution, on low speed only)

had myself a makeshift overnight clothes drier and kinetic sculpture. :flowers:

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The do-it-yourself laundering in the hotel bathroom is a great idea if you don't want to bring a lot of stuff! And the roll-em-up-in-the-towel technique is a lifesaver in what tends to be a hot and humid climate.


That said, I'm planning to wear each day: black leotard, pink tights, and ballet slippers for the morning technique classes, and a change to similar attire for the afternoon. (I tend to work very hard in class, with the attendant "glowing" results!). You should also plan to have at least two pairs of ballet slippers and two pairs of pointe shoes - if you're doing pointe - so that they'll have a chance to dry out between wearings.


For the performance on Saturday, I like to reserve a leotard with attached skirt, plus pink tights and pink ballet slippers. The leotard with attached skirt (Mirella makes some nice ones) is great, because you don't run the risk of losing your skirt during the middle of the performance. It's happened a couple of times during the partnering sequences, when fingers got caught in the skirts during turns!


That being said, don't forget the extras that Heidi has noted in your welcome package, like character shoes, etc. And, bring your swimsuit or an extra leotard that you can use in the hot tub in the hotel after a long day of dancing. It's how we make "Dancer Soup!"


Looking forward to meeting you in Richmond -


ChatDePas (Carolyn) ;o)

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I'll second most of what 2left feet and chat de pas have said about changing midday. I like to go back to the hotel to stretch and relax at lunch time. Since I don't like to wear pink tights except as absolutely necessary and like black cotton ones that don't dry very quickly no matter what, I end up bringing a lot of stuff. It's worth it to me because I'm soooo tired that I don't feel like doing ANY laundry at all. Luckily leotards and tights don't weigh much in your suitcase.


I do usually wear pink tights for technique class in the morning, but not always a black leotard. Chat de Pas recommended the leo with attached skirt to me two years ago and they are great!


I too am looking forward to meeting you. A friend and I are coming from out near Amherst. Maybe we'll cross paths in the airport.



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It's a rare month that I don't spend a week in a hotel, so I'm happy to add my 2 bits of happy travel trips.


I thought I was the only traveler compulsive enough to bring a flat rubber drain stopper on my trips! Hotel drains are famous for 2 things:

-leaking, which the stopper helps

-not draining at all, (no solution)


I've got 3 or 4 plastic clothes pins that have built-in hanger hooks. They're great for hanging stuff on the back of a chair you can place near the air conditioner to dry it fast.


I don't bother with Woolite, just a squeeze bottle of the same detergent I use at home (All). It seems to work better than Woolite and isn't as sudsy. Shampoo works in a pinch, but is too gentle to really clean your clothes.


If you bring your laptop computer with you, be sure to bring a collection of phone cords and splitters for internet access.

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thanks for all the advice guys, I decided that mabye I needed a few more things but then was disappoited with my local dance store ( capezio wellesley) so i'm taking my chances and will prob get a few more things. I wasnt sure if we were allowed to wear the mirella dresses even though I wanted to but since you said that I think i'll try and get my hands on one when we go out monday night.


sarah: if you happen to see me in the airport : bun, GM backback reading dance magazine and prob wearing a boston ballet tee. come introduce yourself! :dry:


see all of you ballettalkers tomm.!! :D

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