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Men and Pointe Work


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I have posted this already in the "pointe section", but I think I might be right here as well. Sorry for double-posting


I am a guy and have recently started doing some pointe work. Does anyone has information about male dancers and pointe shoes? Would be nice to hear from some "collegues". It is actually not that bad as I thought. The first class was quite tough but I have changed now the toe savers and it feels much more comfortable.


For all who wonder why I started pointes: I am about to start a study about the emotional aspect of learning ballet. As pointe work is an essential part of classical ballet training I want to get some experience en pointes and which kind of emotions pointe work can/will cause. :)

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Hi, Dance Scholar London, and welcome to Ballet Talk at Ballet Alert! Online! :)


Unfortunately, we don't permit double-posting a topic in order that people may have one place to respond. Men's Forum is for men only, and there will be many female respondents to the question the way you've framed it. Pointe shoe forum is open to all, so that place is the natural one to leave as the place to answer. I'll close this one, directing posters to answer on Pointe Shoe Forum.

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