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Guest Aly15grl

I have a whole list of about 20 dance, dance medicine, and athletic medicine journals. I am really interested in some of the dance medicine journals, however I don't know which ones are very good. Has anyone ever read any dance or dance medicine journals? Which ones are valuable? Thanks in advance,


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A lot of this answer will have to depend on your degree of medical sophistication. Many of these journals are written by physicians FOR physicians, and the lay person or student will simply be left there dragging her/his jaw on the ground.

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Guest Aly15grl

I am very interested in the medical aspect and find articles like that very interesting. I think I will just go to the university's library and look at all of them. Thanks,


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What is the list of these journals? I'm currently in an independent study class and am trying to gather as much information as I can.


I would prefer the peer-reviewed journals, please


Thanks!!! :flowers:

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Guest Aly15grl

Here are the lists, but I know that there are many many more out there. And I'm sure a lot of these aren't any good or might not be what you are looking for. If you want to look yourself, just type in dance medicine journals or sports medicine journals in a search engine. Also what I have done is looked in the bibliography of my dance, dance medicine, and sports medicine books - that way I know that they are good sources. I will put a star by the ones that I know for sure are good, but I'm sure there are many others, as I have not had time to go to a library and check out a lot of these journals. (By the way, I don't know which ones are peer reviewed. :thumbsup: ) May I ask what your independent study is and what college this is at? I am really interested in a career in dance medicine and physical therapy and am looking at colleges and programs.


The American dancer. [1937- 1943 ]

American Journal of Dance Therapy. [1977- present]

Ballet Review [1975 - present ]

Ballett International, Tanz Aktuell. [1994 - present ]

Choreography and Dance [v. 1- present]

Contact Quarterly. [1978 - present ]

CORD news. [1969 - 1974.]

Published by:Committee on Research in Dance.

Dance. [1942-43; 1944-1949 ]

CONTINUES; American dancer; Continued by Dance magazine*

Dance (New York, N.Y. ) [1988 - present]

Dance and Dancers. [1982 - present ]

Dance & the arts. [ 1995- present]

Dance chronicle. [1977 - present]

Dance current awareness bulletin. [1989 - present]

Dance herald. [1975 - 1980 ]

Dance life. [1975-1979.]

Dance magazine annual. [1975 - 1985]

Dance news. [1975 - 1983]

Dance notation journal. [ 1986 - 1988-89)

Dance Now [1992 - present]

Dance pages magazine. [ 1994 - 1995]

CONTINUES Dance pages; Continued by Dance & the arts

Dance Research: the Journal of the Society for Dance Research [1983 - present]

Dance research journal. [1974/75- present]

Dance research monograph. [1971/72 only ]

Dance scope. [1965 -1981]

Dance Studies [v. 1- 20]

Dance Teacher Now [1987 - present]

Dance Theatre Journal. [1983 - present]

Dance world. [1966-1979.]

DanceView. [1994)- present]

Dancing times. [1997 - present]

Focus on Dance [v. 1 - 12]

***Journal of dance medicine & science [1997 - present] :

official publication of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science. (I know that this journal and association is one of the most reputable sources for good information in the field)

Journal of physical education, recreation & dance [microform ed.] [1981 - 1992]

Journal of physical education, recreation & dance. [1981 - present]

Kinesiology and medicine for dance. [1989-94]

Kinesiology for dance. [ 1987 - 1989]

Laban Guild--for movement and dance [1997 - present]

The Labanotator. [1979- 1994]

Let's Dance .[1948-49 - 1993-94]

Medical Problems of Performing Artists. [1986 - present ]

Movement Research Performance Journal [1994/95 - present]

Musical West and Northwest musician. [1923-27 ]

Musical West, music and the dance. [1927-29 - 1933-37 ]

Performing arts directory (New York, N.Y.)[1986-1988]

Research quarterly for exercise and sport. [microform] [1980 - present]

Sangeet Natak [1996 - present]

Stern's performing arts directory. [1989- present]

Studies in Dance History [1989 - 1996]

UCLA Journal of Dance Ethnology [1984 - 1995]

World ballet and dance. [1989-90 - 1992-93]


Applied Ergonomics

  Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation

  Canadian journal of applied physiology

  Clinical Kinesiology

  Developmental medicine and child neurology and supplement

  Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology

  Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews

  Exercise Physiology

  Human movement science

  International journal of sport nutrition

  Journal of applied biomechanics

  Journal of applied physiology

  Journal of applied recreation research

  Journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

Journal of Human Movement Studies

  Journal of Motor Behavior

  Journal of sport and exercise psychology

  Journal of sports science

  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

  Movement Disorders

  Pediatric exercise science

  Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

  Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and Supplement

  Sport science review

  Strength and conditioning



  American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine Newsletter

  American Journal of Sports Medicine

  Australian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

  British Journal of Sport Medicine

  Clinical journal of sports medicine

  Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Sportsmedizin

  Developmental medicine and child neurology and supplement

  International journal of sportsmedicine

  Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy

  Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

  New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine

  Physical Therapy

  ***Physician and sportsmedicine

  Sports Medicine

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My independent study topic for this semester is choreography. Next semester is artistic management. This is a high school program, however. :cool2: Sorry if that doesn't help you find a college program.


Thank you for the journals though!!! :sweating:

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I receive the Journal for Dance Medicine and Science. I love it, but my major complaint is that it only comes quaterly.


Most of the sports medicine journals do not spend a lot of time on dance. I have, however, seen several articles on dance in Physician and Sportsmedicine. In addition, they often mention dancers in general articles about various injuries. They have a web page, I think it it physsportsmed.com, but I'll look it up at work tomorrow.


aly15girl-what a comprehensive list! You've done a much better search than I have.

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