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Just wondering.... Do certain schools really prefer certain heights?I have heard rumors (as have most) about this topic, i just wanted to see what you all thought about it. Being a tall one myslef (5'11) i thought this would be good to know :D

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PNB has historically been known to prefer taller dancers, but this sort of preference can change from director to director, or even with the same director, when s/he changes her/his mind! So what is true this year might easily not be true next year. But there are tall dancers all over the place who seem to find jobs! :D

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Any places that are big on shorter dancers? I'm only 5'2 and I haven't grown in a while.. My max height is only supposed to be around 5'3.. Eek!

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Lots of places. Average height of the American female adult is 5'4".

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Thats intresting info. I noticed that PNB accepts a lot of shorter girls for their summer program, but i guess u cant base it off that. Is it true PBT likes tall?

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What are some other companies that like shorter dancers? Since I'm around 5'1 I know thats rather under the average dancer. :dry:

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I said it before, but I'll say it again: Information on this topic can change like the wind. There is no reliable answer.

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A friend told me that the shortest dancer in NYCB right now is 5'4 1/2". That probably doesn't mean that that's the minimum height you can be to get into the company, however it might be a factor since they really like to have uniformity in their corps, which I guess is why they pick dancers almost exclusively from their school, is that theory correct Mr. Johnson or Ms. Leigh?

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Entry into NYCB at corps level is almost always from SAB students. It's the place where Balanchine style is formed. Height need not enter in as much as people think. Some dancers were picked up well under company average height, or over, for a set (usually) of bit parts, then the next thing you knew, they were soloists!

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I think if I were a ballet company director choosing new members from an audition, I'd pick the girl that I could see passion from. If the shorter girl and the taller girl were the same technically but the shorter girl had amazing artistry, I'd choose the shorter girl! So I guess what I am saying is, why do some companies apparently pick people due to height? I don't think it should even be a factor in the process, if someone is a phenominal dancer. :wink:

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Guest serenade389

Xiomara Reyes of ABT is 4'8", and I know that there are a lot of very tall members there, so it is a big range for a company, which probably changes all of the time.

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Isn't it true that as a rule, the really, incredibly phenomenal can be a lot taller or shorter than average, but that say, corps dancers usually go more towards the middle height?

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Xiomara Reyes of ABT is 4'8"

Dear serenade389:

Xiomara Reyes is a shorter dancer, but you have been misinformed about her height. She stands well over 5 feet -- I'd say about 5'2" or more.


(Not a teen but had to nip this rumour in the bud!)

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