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My ADC Richmond photos are posted!

Chat De Pas

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OK - here we go! (taking a big breath...)


Thanks to Xena's advice and encouragement, I took the plunge and have posted my digital photos from two sessions of last year's Adult Dance Camp in Richmond.


A quick disclaimer - those of you with digital cameras (especially OLD digital cameras, like my four-year-old model) - know that getting good action shots is difficult because of the delay. So, if I caught anyone in an awkward position, or with feet not pointed, please forgive! Also, I often did not use a flash, because I didn't want to disturb people or performers. So, you may see more than the usual share of dim lighting and silhouettes.


Here's the link to the photos:




There are two albums, one from the June 2003 session and one from the first August 2003 session. (I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to attend all three!)


Here's a general summary of what you're looking at:


ADC Richmond - August 2003 (1st session):


Partnering class / Stretch / More Partnering / Level III rehearsal / Character class / Jim-Bob's Birthday! / Planning the performance / More partnering class / On the bus to the theater / Setting up for the performance & video / Run-throughs / Performance shots from the wings / Thanking the teachers and our guys / Back on the bus / Back at the studio for lunch & course evaluations / Hanging out and "decompressing" / Professional photo shoots - Kathy & Pedro pose the dancers / the Crowne Plaza lobby - heading out to the Saturday night party / Some of us walked to the party (Yes, that's Sheila and Ed dancing with the statues!) / Party Time (including Ed's "Pedro Roast")



ADC Richmond - June 2003:


Class and between-class photos / lining up to talk to our guest speaker / Lunch breaks / Partnering class / Character class / Dinner out! / After-class coaching by Tristi / Kathy & Tristi (dance teachers) / Women's variation class / Heidi and Asimina count the party money! / Dancer Soup in the hotel jacuzzi/ On the bus to the theater / Run-throughs before the performance / Performance and after / Back at the studio - flowers for the teachers / Professional photo shoots with Kathy & Pedro on duty! / Time to party / Heading home


Wow - I feel like I just completed 64 changements. And you probably feel like you had to watch!




Chat De Pas (Carolyn) ;o)

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Thanks so much! I don't know how you managed to take that many pictures AND dance too! I hope you'll be at the first August session this year?


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Carolyn, well i'm home now and telling everyone about what a " sassy" ( lol) time I had at ADC. I had such a fun time and am egerly awaiting the posting of the photos so I can show everyone what i've been up to. who else was it that took a bunch too? ( I cant remeber her name but I know for sure she took alot of pics of the pas classes and quite a few and was saying she uploaded nightly as well) so if you know who I mean please encourage her to post as well. ( or contact me)


ps. did heidi say anything more about how long the video( because it was a new person) and pic would take? I left right from the theatere so I may have missed something :)

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WOW now I'm super jealous!! I'm telling you, must make it there next year.


Everyone looks beautiful and what fun! I would love to be with lots of other adults that love dance for a week - what a blast!!





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I am having trouble opening the albums? Has anyone encountered this problem?

I am fine on the main site where I have 4 albums to choose from...but when I click on any album, nothing happens, the site just reloads itself. When I copy the link target and paste it I just get a blank white page?? Any ideas of how to solve this?

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Same here Susanne, I got through about 3/4 of the new camp pics and then the page wouldn't let me look at anymore. I'm going to let it rest and try again tomorrow :shrug:

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I've been having this problem too and also trying to copy some of them. my MAC is being a pain. but I did see all of them pretty much, thanks SO much carolyn.



ps. Ashley, there are some really good ones of us doing giselle. and 2 of our variation that dont look too bad either.

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Yes they are all so wonderful Carolyn! Thank you :jump:


As far as the Giselle ones go, I just wonder why my leg is always in a different place than the rest of the group (in every picture! :blushing: ). Haha.


And Madeline, there are quite a few of you and a certain blonde cutie-pie :wink:

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I was able to get to the page showing the albums, but when I clicked on any one of the albums, I just got a "can't find server" page. :wink:

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It seems that if you try to open the albums during a less busy time (i.e. early morning/latenight) they will load, but during the day the server is too busy.



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Thanks for posting the pics! Looking back at last August's session, I even found a couple of me that aren't too bad. :wink:


One thing I noticed about the pics from the session that just ended: it looks like they're demolishing the building next to Richmond Ballet. If I recall, the ballet owns that property, so does that mean something interesting is going to happen there?


(Typical guy: instead of checking out the dancers, I'm checking out the construction equipment :wink: )

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You guys are about five grand jetes ahead of me! Guess it's about time I chimed in to let people know what they're looking at...


Yes, Scott, I was just as fascinated by the building "destruction" next door to the RB studios as you are. They're tearing down the third building to make a new parking facility for the Ballet. In fact, I think it was that work that tripped the fire alarms on Thursday, 6/17 during our lunch break. (Lots of photos on that one...)


Here's the link again,so you don't have to start at the beginning of this thread:




And here are summaries of the two latest albums:



ADC Richmond - June 2004 (Part 1):


Richmond City Map (I think it is tres cool that Richmond Ballet is considered a landmark) / Day One camper introductions / Lisa S' "Injury Prevention & Management for Dancers" lecture / Level 4 Class in Studio 5 (the huge one on the third floor) / rehearsing and practicing / Scott P's stretch class / Judith S - Kinesiology - Spine & Hips class / Class Schedules & Lunch Menu for the week / hanging out between classes / Scott P's 3-4 modern class, followed by stretch / Judith S - Kinesiology - Feet & Legs / more hanging out / Wed AM Camp Photo session in the OTHER half of Studio 5 (it really IS huge!) / Kathy S - Level 4 Class in Studio 5 / Susan M's Level 3 pointe class in Studio 1 (second floor) / Brandon B - Level 4 Repertory rehearsal (the Phillip Glass piece) / Donna F's "Self Care for Dancers" session / Brandon B - Jazz Class (yup - they're doing Fosse's "Rich Man's Frug"!) / Kathy S - Women's 3-4 Variation - watching the video, then rehearsing (it's from Swan Lake, Peasant pas de trois) / Danile G - Level 1-2 Women's variation rehearsal in Studio 3 (Raymonda Variations) / Lunch time / Fire Alarm during lunch time - dancers on the street! / Partnering 3-4 class / Rehearsing partnering piece (Patsy Cline's "Crazy") / Character class with Jasmine G / Heidi rehearses Level 4 rep (Phillip Glass) / ADC Richmond friends / Kathy's Level 3 pointe class / back to lunch!


ADC Richmond - June 2004 (Part 2):


Lunch, cont. / Rehearsing Patsy Cline / outside views of Richmond Ballet buildings (there are three, all connected, in one city block) - they're knocking down the third building to build a new parking structure / Performance Day! Waiting for warm-up class to begin / Tristi's Level 4 class / getting on the bus to go to the Grace Street Theater / Inside the theater: rehearsals before the performance / the performance programs / more run-throughs / thanking the teachers / performance shots from the wings & backstage shots / Pei-Yi's Chinese folk dance / posing for picture onstage after the performance / back on the bus! / back at the studio - posing some more in Studio 1 / professional photo shoot in Studio #3 / last time to hang out in the hallway! / counting the ADC T-shirts / Studios 1& 4, now empty (sniff) / Saturday night - ready to party / Sunday morning, June 20th - more outside shots of the Richmond Ballet buildings and the Crowne Plaza Hotel / the Grace Street Theater (our performance venue).


I'm happy that everyone is enjoying the photos. My goal for next time is to get better at the action shots!


Carolyn ;o)

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Dear Pas de Chat


Thanks for the Photos. I just learn about ADC and was given a great deal of information on their summer programs for Adults by 2 left feet. I can't wait til next year to go! Your pictures solidfied my thoughts on how much fun it will be!

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Guest sallyrdhd

Carolyn (aka chat de pas):


Just wanted to say thank you for posting the pics. When I can get them to load ( :P a bit of a frustrating experience), they take me back to a fabulous week of terrific people and lots of fun, albeit hard, work. I would like to do Brandon's rep piece one more time just because it was so cool! Can't wait to see it on the DVD! On a personal note, too bad the pink bag photos didn't turn out -- but I told you I wasn't a good picture taker! Many apologies!!! But at least the bag was there -- and when did you catch me with one pointe shoe on and one off (and wrapped toes!!), that one surprised me!


Thank you again for taking the time to click and upload and everything else. For those of us who never seem to get any pictures taken, you are our Goddess! We worship you!


Sally :lol:

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