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blocking of achilles stretching

Guest five feet seven

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Guest five feet seven

I have very tight achilles and calf muscles. When I stretch my achilles I never feel like I am fully stretching it. There are two ways I have been stretching:

1. Releasing the ankle and stretching the achilles. This gives a more full stretch but it feels as though I am rolling in. Because I feel like i am rolling in I am afraid the stretch won't work for class.

2. The second way is to almost force my ankle to not roll in. As a result it feels as though there are two bones meeting at an angle and grinding. This doesn't really stretch the achilles because the bones meet before the achille runs out of stretch. However I think that this might be better because I try not to roll in in class, and this may be working towards it.


Sooo, which way should I stretch? Do i have like a bone blockage or something? or is it normal?


I hope I'm making sense.

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The first person I'd recommend you consult is a podiatrist. What you generally describe could be impingement by soft tissue which causes extra bone thickness in the bones of the foot. Or, it could be something entirely different! Only a specialist will know for sure. What has to happen is for you to try to find a "control zone" on your foot so that your weight is distributed from the ball of the foot to the front of the ball of the heel. Where the center of balance is can migrate within this zone, right down the centerline of the foot, and change according to what you're doing at any instant, but you must be in control of it.

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