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Guest alescna

Hi everyone, I'm not sure where this topic goes, but dance books go here, so its the closest!... I love dance movies, its doesn't matter what sort of dance, so i was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations?? my faves are Centre Stage and Tango (the one with julio bocca and mia maestro)... so any other than these... and has anyone watched The Glass Slipper with Leslie Caron... apparently Leslie was a ballet dancer before she became a movie star....its so dfficult to get a copy of it... is it any good?

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Yes, Leslie Caron was a ballet dancer before she became a movie star. She also made "Daddy Longlegs" with Fred Astaire and of course "An American in Paris" with Gene Kelly. There is another one with Leslie Caron, but I cannot remember the title, "Hililly, hililly, hilo..." is one of the songs! :D Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly (with various partners) made a zillion movies very much worth seeing.


Strictly ballet, "The Red Shoes", "Turning Point", and what was the name of the Giselle movie ABT made back in 1985/86? I cannot remember that one either! Julie Kent starred opposite M. Baryshnikov. It was filmed in Italy, I believe.


There are just so many to list. I am sure others will have many to contribute.

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A new one thats coming out is Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. Its a remake of the older one. Some other ones are Chicago with Catherine Zeta-Jones, any movie with Gene Kelley, Fred Astiare and Ginger Rogers, White Nights with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Taps with Gregory Hines, Chorus Line, Oklahoma and any musical you can find in your video store. Also the one with Julia Stiles but my mind has gone blank and I can't remember what it is called :dry:

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I know there have been other postings on this topic but I am not sure where. You could always try the search feature.


There is an Australian movie Kick that starred Russell Page, Rebecca Yates and Paul Mecurio.

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Guest alescna

wow! i'll try to find the julie kent one... i love her!...i can't it anywhere... does anyone know the exact title??? i'm checking ebay after this :dry: ... i liked riverdance too, but that wasn't a movie ....what's 7 brides for 7 brothers about??

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Guest alescna

hi everyone... i've tried to look for the julie kent one in a number of sites, including the abt one, and it doesn't seem to be in any distributor's catalogue!.. i really want to see it, so if anyone knows where to get a copy, i'll be very grateful!

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7 Brides for 7 Brothers is about this lady who marries this guy who has 7 brothers. They're so annoying and po-dunk-ish, that she decides to clean up their act.


I don't remember much else, but it's not half bad.

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The one with Julia Stiles is called "Save the last dance". Further, there has been a German tv series (6 parts and a movie) in the mid 80s called "Anna". Its fanatastic as it shows so many ballet scenes. It is about a ballerina which has an accident at the age of 13. She recovers and gets accepted at a famous ballet school and finally wins a scholarship in Paris. The movie is about her career as a professional dancer where she ends up in New York. German ballet schools experienced a boom after "Anna" was broadcasted (similarily to the success of Billy Elliot) :dry:

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One of my favorite dance movies is 'Strictly Ballroom'. They've recently released it on DVD.

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. There is another one with Leslie Caron, but I cannot remember the title, "Hililly, hililly, hilo..." is one of the songs! :)

That movie was Lili. It was later expanded musically to make the charming Broadway musical Carnival.

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Does anybody know if "dancers" and "turning pointe" does exist in a European (PAL 2) version? I just found the american versions on amazone, but there might be another distributor? :) Would love to see the film

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:hyper: That's it, Lilli! You never cease to amaze me. Of course it became Carnival I should have considered that, but there are not too many movies that become Broadway shows. Who was the male lead? :)


As for Turning Point, I know my friends in St. Petersburg had a PAL version ( ten years ago). It did exist then, but now, I do not know.

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