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Movies: Dance movies?

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Wow, Cady! You sound like a walking commercial for the Draper Center and Rochester City Ballet!!!! :flowers:


Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! We hope you'll enjoy contributing in the many diverse areas of classical ballet we have here. :yucky:

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We watched an entertaining dance movie this morning, Can-Can, with Shirley McLaine, Frank Sinatra and Maurice Chevalier. I don't think I've seen this movie mentioned in this topic.

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I don't remember seeing "Happy Go Lovely" with Vera Ellen and David Niven on this topic yet. The interesting dance aspect in this film is Vera Ellen en pointe. Personally, I don't think it's her best dance style, I like her tap better. There's another ballet sequence at the end (a solo for Vera) which she does with flat shoes, which makes me think the director felt the same way. Perhaps Major Mel has more information on this particular film or Vera's pointe experence?

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So, how many movies are out there with dancers dying of cancer?

So far, we have:


A Time for Dancing

Six Weeks

Silence Like Glass


Anyone have others?


One rather ancient one where a dancer dies (although not of cancer) is "A Story of Three Loves" (directed by Vincent Minelli in 1953) which, as the name suggests, is actually three stories intertwined. Moira Shearer stars with James Mason in the first story as a talented dancer who cannot truly live unless she dances. But she has a heart condition, which means she cannot live if she does...Mason is the choreographer who discovers her but doesn't know about her illness. I remember the dancing as being very exciting, although rather typically 40s and 50s Hollywood "everything-done-at-breakneck-speed" style. But I've always loved watching Moira Shearer.


I have just seen "Ballerina", billed as "an intimate portrait of five ballerinas from the Kirov" (directed by Bertrand Normand 2008). It follows five incredible dancers all at different stages of their careers, from one who is just completing her studies at the Vaganova Academy and is playing the lead in the graduation performance, to one who is returning from a two year absence from dancing after having a baby, and various others in between. Wonderful dancing - I thoroughly recommend it. These women are just so beautiful, with amazing bodies, unbelievable talent and even good looks. They are so talented and dedicated, but seem so humble with it all.


I have also just seen the remake of "Ballet Shoes" with Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series as Pauline Fossil. The dancing sequences annoyed me a little, as Posy Fossil was supposed to be this amazing dancer, and I didn't think the dance scenes showed a great deal of either talent or training in the young actress who played the role. However, the movie as a whole was quite charming, and true to Noel Streatfeild's book, which is always nice.

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