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Exactly - in the US its 340 USD, in Britain 340 British Pound...(which is currently around 700 USD) The prices are incredible high at the moment. Thats why a lot of Britains travel to USA just for shopping of electronic articles.

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Oh,oh,oh!! I just wanted to say how much I loved The Company!! Yeah, not much plot, but I thought the the acting was supurb and the actors (with exception for Neve and a few others) were the real Joffry company and they just did a great job even tho a bunch of the stuff was unscripted, they just went with it. ALso the dancing was phenominal!! My favorite peive was the dance where the girl was on the swing kinda thing...so beautiful...ok, just had to share that... B)

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I absolutley love Center Stage!!! :thumbsup: But, there's one scene in particular that bothers me in the movie. It's when Jodie takes her first dance class at ABA and theyre doing a simple plie combination at the barre. If you watch in the background the dancers they chose can't even do them correctly. Their posture is horrid and a lot of them stick their back sides out. Does this bother anyone else? I've began to notice the small things about the movie because I've seen it so many times. :thumbsup:

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Does anybody know if Jodie from Center Stage has done any other dance movie? And where has she trained? :(

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I don't really know a lot, but I think I've read somewhere that Jodie is/was an apprentice with San Francisco Ballet.


Frankly, I think the movie doesn't have a lot to do with ballet... And little things that are so obvious are a bit annoying at times... Like when Eva dances in the concert all of a sudden -- I mean, nobody knew!!! her partner didn't know?! she found a costume? she changed without anyone noticing??? Just little things that together ruin it... :(


Plus, Sergei -- isn't the actor a figure skater? If that's true, you can tell! When he walks out in the concert, for example.


Also, if you watch carefully, when they film "class," they usually try to cut out the dancer's arms (sometimes) because they're not always correct.


By the way, I think Eva is really the best dancer in the movie. :shrug:

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Another dance movie that I thought of: Fouette (it's in Russian). Very interesting. Maximova plays the main role and others in the movie include Natalia Bolshakova, Konstantin Zaklinsky, Alla Osipenko, and others.

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By the way, I think Eva is really the best dancer in the movie. :(

Interesting, because she (Zoe Saldana) isn't trained as a dancer and a body double was used in the majority of scenes.

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Amanda Schull(Jodie in Center Stage) That is just a short bio of the dancer. As far as I know she hasn't done any other dance movies. Even though there are the obvious things that couldnt happen in real life in the movie doesnt make me not like it. The movie is exactly that, a movie, and of course they're going to go a little over the edge with some of the things. I still like it a lot though.
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Eva was definately the best. I know this isn't a ballet comment, but did you knw that the actress who plays her is also in Pirates of the Carribean. I was so shocked when I saw her in that!!

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Ya I knew that. But Eva didn't have any ballet training. The double who played her are who you are referring to. I watched the directors commentary and Eva was the the actress in the movie who had the least ballet training and couldn't do any of the dance scenes.

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