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Movies: Dance movies?

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Some altenative to the common Center Stage, Save the Last Dance:


"Dirty Dancing"

"Havanna Nights"

"White Nights" (Already mentioned, but great!)

There's this really good movie (old) can't quite remember the name, called something like "Dancing in the Big City". It's overlooked but it's about a man who falls in love with a sick ballerina. I'll post if I remember the name, because you must see this movie if you're a diehard ballet fan!

"The Turning Point" < you MUST see this movie! Even more ballet than Center Stage, and an inspiring storyline! Plus Baryshnikov dancing scenes!

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Yes, Mme. Armeiskaya currently teaches at UBA, and she danced with Colorado Ballet before that. And you're also correct that Children of Theatre Street is narrated by Grace Kelly (aka Princess Grace).

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Wow, a lot of good suggestions. I just popped over to amazon.com and ordered a few. I would suggest, for those who were rather bored by the lack of storyline to The Company that you watch it with the directors commentary, I prefer it that wat. Neve actually trained with the Joffrey for a while prior to making the film and adds quite an insight to it. Also, someone mentioned the possible lack of skill of the dancers in the background of Center Stage well, one of them is actually Janie Taylor, a principal with New York City Ballet. Just some info. Happy Dancing! :angry:


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Hi friends,

I am currently producing a new documentary featuring ballet in America's Heartland. Its in post producting. Meaning, it'll be finished in the coming weeks!

I will certainly keep you posted. If you'd like to join the film's mailing list for more information, shoot me an email at info@triptone.com and I'll hook it up.


Take care,


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Guest adancingartistforlife

Saw something really good last night.


Mad Hot Ballroom


It's about ballroom, but what it is really about is how groups of untrained city kids from New York Public Schools mature as people while preparing for a city ballroom competition :yes:


Has some really funny moments, and some really poignant ones, like when they arrive at the finals, and they are being held at a building right next to Ground Zero. Something REALLY POSITIVE going on right next to the scene of something really negative


Look for Ann Reinking of Broadway fame as one of the judges at the finals

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You can check out Ann Reinking in a movie called All That Jazz. It may not be one that calls out to ballet dancers much but a scene with Ms. Reinking and a young girl dancing Jazz on pointe got my attention as a kid. That may have been just a novelty but I love Fossee style Jazz and I got a big kick out of the dancing in that movie.



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Guest adancingartistforlife

Great movie...I think it's kind of an offhand Fosse biography also. Roy Scheider as the Fosse character....well...hmmm :-)


And Ms Reinking definitely had the legs and feet for pointe! :-)


I remeber her on the cover of a Dance Magazine in 1978 just before All That Jazz came out! WOW!

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And Ms Reinking definitely had the legs and feet for pointe! :-)





Once upon a time that could have been 1978 I heard some guy on TV say that her Legs went all the way up to her armpits. It was a sort of bizarre complement but just picture that in reality! Scary!



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Has anyone seen Black Tights with Zizi Jeanmaire and Cyd Charisse? Talk about legs- Cyd Charisse had great ones! I've seen posters for the movie- thinking about getting it thru our Amazon link, but wanted some opinions first!

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There are 2 DVDs about the Paris Opera Ballet School and about the company.


Etoiles - it's about the company.


Les Enfants de la Danse -- about the school.


I like them both :). The one about the school was the most interesting."



Does anyone know where to find"Les Enfants" couldn't find on Amazon. (Dd loves Etoiles so I thought it would be good Xmas present).

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Guest dancerlover

I would like to introduce a Korean based dance rave; if you guys are able to obtain it. Its called Innocent Steps....its salsa/cha cha based, the dancing skills is allright for me but its the storyline which entices me. Its about a profesional male competitor of Korean Dancesports; best dance trainer who was blatantly injured and humiliated by his rich competitor who's dad is the next President for the Dancesports Association. Basically, this male pro trained a young lady from scratch till professional level and what happened was she left him to partner with his enemy in view of wealth. However, she was unable to shine with her new partner as she was only able to execute her dancing skills under the hands of her ex and coach who she left...The male pro then went into depressive state and shun dance world for a long period of time...later, he was forced to fake his marriage with a Chinese China lass who was in need of money and PR in Korea...what started off as purely platonic blossomed into love..deceit and.........


The best part was he taught this lady ( who was clueless of dancing ...)....devoted his time to her and he combined the Grand Allegro of ballet world into the Samba..........watch it...I loved it

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We love The Children Of Theater Street. My DD is lucky enough to have Mme. Armeiskaya as her teacher! DD teacher at home is from Russia and danced with the Bolshoi. He was about the same age as Mme. A. at the time the film was made. Recently, we lent him the film, which he had never seen. What a treat it was for him. Brought back lots of good memories!

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Guest SweetSorrow123

There are so many old dance movies, but recently, there are several that have come out.


The Company

Center Stage

Shall We Dance


Have fun, the Company has AMAZING dancing!

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