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California Institute of the Arts

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I am interested in the dance programme at CalArts. Could anybody tell me more about their reputation?

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Depends on the department.


Their design departments are top notch, better than Yale in that Cal Arts grads have actual practical knowledge, not just design inspiration.


Their performing arts departments are well respected especially theater.

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LMCtech, thanks for your reply. Actually, I was interested in their dance programme and was wondering about the reputation and level of their ballet classes. Do you know anything about it? That would be great :D

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I received some information from their dance school today and was quite impressed. I've taken from one of their ballet faculty before, but it was years ago. Anyone have any first hand information on their program? I'm looking for strong MFA programs on the West Coast. Thanks.

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I looked into them a few years ago when i was doing the whole college audition circuit. They have a good program but the focud is more towards modern dance than ballet.

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London Contemporary Dance School is the partner (exchange) institution of CalArts.

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DD knew a boy who attended the school, graduated and is now an apprentice of Mark Morris's Dance Company. He was trained in all types of dance prior to attending the college.

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I know a few people associted with the school and they're very capable. They have a guest instructor during the summer who is absolutely amazing, Scott Putnam. His focus is modern but he teaches ballet as well.


Not having explored attending the school, the most interesting thing about it to me is it's affiliations. It's tied in with the Disney Hall/RedCAT theater which is shaping up to be quite a nice venue for dance here in Los Angeles. I also believe CalArts is heavily funded by the Disney estate.


Incredible campus on a hill overlooking the Santa Clarita valley. Very nice facilities, the kind of place you could immerse yourself in your studies and never have to venture very far outside the campus world.


Dance in Los Angeles, however, is another story. There's a lot of modern here, not all of it good, and there is no real ballet tradition in town. The last ballet company folded 22 years ago. A new company has begun its inaugural season but they have an uphill battle teaching the city about classical dance. Sadly, the town is very focused on flashy, hip-hip or music video dancing. There's a disturbing trend in modern in town to incorporate trapeze acts. Really weird, very "L.A."


University of California Irvine is supposed to be a very good post-graduate dance department.

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jen888, it is our policy here on BT4D that only first-hand information is posted about these programs (the SIs, the colleges, and the school programs). That's what makes the information collected here so valuable.


So, although we do appreciate your kind offer to gather information from a non-BT4D member, that information is relevant and useful to us only if your teacher registers and actually posts the information on his or her own behalf. Thank you for your understanding. :)

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The info on the Calarts website seems to indicate it would be a nurturing place for a bunhead crossing the street to modern. Does anyone have any experience with this school or a dancer making this transition.

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Does anyone have current information about CalArts? I think they still have more of a modern focus, but I'm concerned they may completely ignore ballet. We are just starting to look into this as a potential school.

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Excellent ballet teachers there...Cynthia Young who is also the director of Pasadena Dance Theatre and Lawrence Blake. Both are incredible and will push you very hard. If you are interested in working with them...you'll get lots of opportunities to do real classical stuff on the side with PDT. I would call Pasadena Dance Theatre and talk with her if you are looking for ballet in addition to the stuff they opffer at CAl Arts. You'll get the best of both worlds.

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