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University of Hawaii, Manoa

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I am interested in the dance programme at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Could anybody tell me more about their reputation?

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May I recommendPrinceton Review? It's a great site on anything college. It will tell you just about everything about most any school in the US. It's also great for SAT/PSAT/ACT prep. It also has this little quiz to tell you what schools you would definitly get into or what schools would be a good match for you. It's a great help for anyone planning to attend college.

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I did not find any specific rating about dance schools. Or maybe I misse that section?!

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Guest balletandsynchro

Dear Dance Scholar London,


You can look up UH on their website, www.uhm.hawaii.edu (I'm sorry, but my computer is not allowing me to link). A family friend who is a graduate, and Honolulu local, said that the university has a very strong Hawaiian dance department, and also a modern department. :dry:

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That sounds good. I have been on the website but almost every US university has a great webpage but unfortunately this does not always reflect the strength and reputation of a particular programme. Therefore I would like to get some insider tips of students who have graduated there (or are still students). :dry: But thanks for your help :D

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Guest dancingforever

I am not a student or graudate of UH, but I know some dancers and teachers there. Two of my teachers teach at UH, and they are very good, both technically and artistically. I don't know who else teaches there, but they have done a good job with the dancers at UH who I've seen. A few girls (well, women) who take at UH are in Tau Dance Theatre, which is a Hawaii based modern/ballet/ethnic dance company going on its first national tour this year. The company got good reviews in Dance Magazine, and since some of the dancers studied or still study at UH, I guess this is a positive reflection on the school. However, the dancers who I know also had very strong training earlier and UH is known for modern over ballet. If you have any specific questions, I'll ask my teachers for you!

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This was just my next question: How strong is the ballet department or is the focus totally on modern? :)

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