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Guest SkyDaNceR 02

I need some advice on how to pirouet ( sry I dont know how to spell that word :D ) I can do them fine when I have like jazz shoes or regular ballet shoes, but when im on point i cant get them! If you have any ideas to help me, please let me know ...thanks... <3 vick

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I think it's probably a matter of balance on your pointe shoes, or feeling comfortable on them. For me, it just took time to adjust. Things that helped were practicing passe on pointe and balancing. It just takes time. :D

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Try to pull up so it feels like you are pulling up more than usual and that you are right over the center of your pointe shoe. I used to have trouble with them too, but once I felt like I was centered over the pointe shoe I got much better. Spotting is another thing that helped me and(like ABTwannabe said) you have to feel confident on pointe and not fear pirouettes. Hope this helps!

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One thing that helped me was to really think about bringing the second arm around when you turn. If your second arm is laggy, then you will never get around. Also, don't forget to plie and spot!


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Guest SkyDaNceR 02

thanks for the help!!! Ill try next time in in the studio. and yeah i think it really is a matter of practice. and ill try all of you tips.. thanks again!

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Doing pirouettes on pointe does not require a different mechanic than pirouettes in soft ballet slippers. The difference is understanding pointe work. My suggestion would be to study the preparation for pirouette rather than the actual turn.


At first en dehors and then later en dedans...


Begin practicing the preparation from 5th position right foot front, enface. On the first beat of the measure


(1 1/2)Plie on two feet


(2 1/2) releve to one with the toes pointed to the front of the knee (retire)


(3 1/2) close back to 5th position front


(4 1/2) stretch two legs together


Repeat 4 times using the right leg as the working leg, rest and then repeat to the left side


It is most important that the demi plies remain elastic and deep, do not shift your weight to one foot. On the rise, the supporting leg must be very lengthened and straight. No sitting in the hips. The toes of the supporting foot springs slightly under the supporting hip. The supporting heel must remain strongly forward. You should have the feeling of pointing and reaching with your supporting leg. The working leg is held independently of the supporting leg and must not rest on the supporting leg. Pointe the toes very strongly. Hips must remain light and even. To close the legs back to 5th position pull up taller and stretch two legs similtaneously downward to 5th as if closing two legs straight before the heels assemble together in 5th position demi plie. The body must remain pulled up during the demi plie, do not sit!


Once you can do this exercise consistantly without falling downward to 5th, study it the same way from 4th position enface and then in croise.


Often dancers must go back to basics to understand how to fix seemingly simple problems. Once you can do this begin studying (1) single pirouette, then add in doubles, etc. Remember one pointe, in particular, do not add too much force. Remain calm! :D

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