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Mel Johnson

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In about a week, I'm going to be sending a "bullet" test message around to selected members, teens, and new members just to find out if their email addresses which are found in their profiles actually work, or whether we get them fired back at us for "user unknown". Everybody please look at your profile and make sure your present email address will give you a message! If we get messages from the friendly Mailer-Daemon, then I have to start thinking about suspending posting privileges.

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knock knock--a parent here--


If you send to AOL members, and if you send a test to too many different addresses at once, the mail may never reach the addressee. Although Ballet Talk emails about threads that we subscribe to get through, certain emails that look like bulk mail have the potential to not reach the addressee. Even my own father gets mail bounced back if he forwards or emails a joke to too many family members at once. He does not have AOL and I do.


Just be careful about bounce backs from AOL. While the spam filters are working, they can work too well.

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In order to change your email address: go up to the right and click on "My Controls"; once there scroll down for "Options" and look for "Change email address" - click on that and from there you can edit your email address. Read the instructions because you will have receive an email confirming this change and you will then have to re-activate your account...don't worry it's not hard at all. :wink:

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