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Try understand this. I'm a 53 years old professionnal, well maried, with social life and friends and a lot of interests in life. I mean: ballet is not my life and my life is not ballet. But when my teacher warned me, in yesturday's class, that I would not make it to the advanced level in september if I didn't pay more attention to the precision of my movements, at this very precise moment in time, she could not have made a man happier.


Needless to say I paid a lot of attention to the precision of my movements for the rest of the class, forgetting my combinations on a couple of occasions. Ahhhhhhhhh....



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Yes! Hoorey for you! Nothing like a little push from behind to spur you on to that next level. Congradulations!

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Sounds like you attend a great class Richard ! :D .

You guys in the USA certainly have great adult ballet classes.I wish I could find a similar class in England.


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Rubber legs,


Just how mine feel right now! I took a really tought class last night!


Richard is from Montreal, Canada! Great City! I had many wonderful experiences there! Yes, it does sound like Richard has a very skilled instructor and of course we are all jealouse of his progress.

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mmm !,

Canada,USA great adult ballet classes.I am jealous of all you guys out there.

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