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Guest tinar

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Guest tinar

Can anyone recommend an adult ballet class in dallas? I haven't danced in several years and am desparately out of shape but would like to start taking classes again for enjoyment. Is there anything that is available for someone who is far from the advanced level but more than a beginner?



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Guest venecha

YES YES! On Rochester, there is a fantastic studio called Forscher's Center Dance (or something...I can't remember the exact name. I haven't been there since I moved). Anyhow, the owner's name is Jacqueline and she is VERY adult friendly! When I went there, she had 2 adult classes a week (tues and thurs, 7-8 I think) and would allow adults into her other classes as well. She is Wonderful!!


I went to another studio downtown (as it had classes during the day). I think it was on Preston ave (or maybe it was called Prestons Dance). Didn't like it at all...


Lets see...where else did I try... Oh yes. Ballet Academy of Texas I tried for about 2 weeks. They had good classes, but were not the friendliest of folks.


There is another studio I tried, but can't remember it now.


Anyhow, if you go to Jacqueline's studio, tell her Venecha said hello!!


(her kids class was close to the same time as the adult class, so I could bring my daughter to dance when I danced. As her class ended before mine, Jacqueline's son would play with her till my class was done)


HOpe this helps!

Venecha :)

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Guest abc4dance

Which Texas Ballet Academy did you go to - the one in Bedford or the one in Coppell?


Other schools that have adult classes are Chamberlain Ballet - Tues and Thurs AM, Mon, Weds PM and Sat Am


Hathaway Ballet Weds and Thurs PM and was talking about putting in AM classes


Dallas Ballet Academy - AM classes and possibly PM


Conservatory of Classical Dance - AM and PM classes


Brookhaven college


Dallas Black Dance Theatre - PM Classes


Each studio has its pros and cons - feel free to pm me if you want any specifics

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Does anyone know of a studio open for class during this week in July? Most are closed for the Holiday.


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Classes at the Etgen-Atkinson Ballet School (Dallas Metropolitan Ballet) run through July 7.


Also, if you do not mind driving to Fort Worth, the Ballet Center of Fort Worth has classes that week as well.


Both schools offer excellent teachers :D.

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I'll add that Chamberlain Ballet in Plano has open classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings with a wonderful teacher and a fine gentleman - Dudley Davies. I enjoy his classes very much.


Here's a link to his bio on the Chamberlain website: Dudley Davies

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Does anyone know of a studio open for class during this week in July? Most are closed for the Holiday.


I believe TBT Dallas always has classes going throughout the entire year.



Dallas TX

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This was from two years ago. I bet they've found classes by now. :)

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Thank you, sgmca, and welcome, sirdales!

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Yes, Welcome Sirina!!! I didn't mean to sound rude... just thought it was funny... And according to the website, TBT does offer adult ballet classes Tues and Thurs mornings throughout the summer...

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Could anyone recommend an adult ballet class for complete beginners in the Dallas area?


I've been researching local schools and several of them do offer adult classes, but it looks like they only have open classes. I've never taken ballet and would like to start out in a "closed" class where everyone starts their training at the same time, and would be at the same skill level. Alternatively, if you know of a place that would be a great fit for a true beginner but is still an open class, I would be open to that as well!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Shiny!


Until some others get here, try reading through this link and investigating what their offerings for adults may be:

Ballet Schools in Dallas/Ft. Worth area

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Just a quick update, I was able to find a few schools that suited my needs and thought I'd share.


School of Contemporary Ballet Dallas has a Beginner Ballet Workshop.

Dallas Ballet Center has Adult Beginning, Beginning I/II, and Adult Conditioning classes.

And there's also Etgen-Atkinson. I haven't called them, but someone on these boards said the following about them "Etgen-Atkinson does have a full adult ballet program w/ beginning-advanced classes in the evenings".

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