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Money for summer


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As for me and I am sure others, summer programs are very very expensive! And I was just wondering what some people did to earn spending money for the summer?? I babysit which is a great way, my mom says I should get a job but I have no time! So I was just wondering how people with a very busy schedule made money? Thanx !


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Guest Giselledancer513

So far Megan, I have not mastered this point yet.

I want to go to the


Kirov of DC's intensive next year,


the Kirov in RUSSIA's intensive the next year


and I don't know what is after that.


My parents and I are beside ourselves with how we're going to handle money.

LOL :wacko::):rolleyes:

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Knockin' on your door here. There's a helpful thread about this on the SI forum called Affording your SI. Since you're discussing the subject you might want to continue the conversation over there, once you've take a look through the whole thread. (This is a really important topic, AEDancer and it would be great if others would discuss it on the SI forum.) :)

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I babysit, though most of the people I babysat for in the past are outgrowing their need for sitters. Along the babysitting line, ask if you can put up signs in the studio. I'm sure there are tons of kids who would love to be babysat by a "big girl dancer". I came up with a few ideas for ballet-related games, which I posted here a while back. I also teach one pre-ballet class a week at my studio. My school has a program, where you start by assisting in classes and gradually work your way up until you are around 16, at which point they decide if you are ready to teach your own class. I was in the program for 4 years before I got my own class, but it is a pretty good way of making money. I also spent part of spring break working as a counselor at my local JCC (Jewish Community Center). They have a camp around the time winter and spring breaks, and most other days that schools have off, and they pay pretty well. I was recommended by a family friend that works there, but you can apply to stuff like that too.

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