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New 26 YO in a boy's class

Guest redgst

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Guest redgst

Hello all,


I just started taking a beginner ballet class and wanted to join an adult class. I was instead put into a boy's class. I am not the oldest (2 older) but I feel extremely uncomfortable due to the uniform I am "required" to wear by the teacher. I need to wear a white short sleeve leotard, dance belt, and black trunks which are essentially briefs from Capezio. All six of us wear the same thing so it ok I guess. I asked the teacher about the uniform and it was if I offended her so I tabled the issue. I think I should look for a different school. The lessons are very good though.

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Hello, redgst, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers here at Ballet Alert! Online! :)


If the lessons are good stick with it. It's a little odd that you should be wearing a "junior boys'" uniform at the age of 26, but, hey, think of it as Second Childhood come early! :wink:

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Hi redgst. When I started my ballet training, I had to wear a white lycra leotard. I felt really uncomfortable at the beginning. The teacher preferred white lycra as she could see every muscle of our body (and if we were using them). I got used to it after a couple of months... :D

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Dear Redgst,


Congradulation on starting ballet!


Well, as Mel says, If the lessons are good stay were you are! Yes, I think it's a little odd that she is having you wear briefs. I'm sure it's a visual thing. (She can see every muscle in you legs in briefs.) You say you are all dressed alike so not to worry! Briefs, tights, it's part of the territory! Let it go!


You do have an advantage in being placed in a boys class! You will probably have less gaps in your training ( i'm struggling with this now!) I've only taken adult classes and sometimes simple thing get lost or skipped (assumed knowledge)and it will come up in a combo. I think to myself gee, I should know this simple step but I don't ever remember learning it!


So, stay with the boys class and count yourself lucky!

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Guest Until The End Of Time

Congrats on starting Ballet. =) Don't worry if you have to wear that attire your in with boys and boys will not giggle and stare when you walk across the floor wearing tights leotard and a dancebelt. I knew it was a part of Ballet so I didn't care. After a while it becomes natural like jeans and a t-shirt noone cares or notices anymore. If the teacher is good and the training is good stick with it. It won't get any better than that. The teacher wants to make sure all of her students yes even the older males are doing Ballet approperiately, It sounds like she is determined to teach her students. Just don't wig out and run when she asks of you to wear tights leotard and dancebelt. Just be glad your not just wearing your dancebelt and nothing else. Keep it up do your thing and in the end you will have accomplished what other men wish they did(that is if they never took ballet when they wanted to.)

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I am feeling you dude. I am looking for a place to start ballet and the most promising one so far seems to only have one boys class. I would be the oldest at22 with the exception of the 30 something teacher.

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My school doesn't make distinctions based on age, just ability and level. Everyone from 12 on up takes the same classes. The after-school classes skew to a younger demographic than the evening classes, but students can take class whenever it fits into their schedule.

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There is a studio I know of that requires men to wear white tights Shirt and shoes. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.

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I think it's good you are put in a boys' class as you will learn boys' steps. Also don't worry about the uniform we have all been there. When I started ballet I had to wear little ballet shorts over my leotard but we soon moved to tights. Keep on dancing It's the best thing ever

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