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Dancewear Store in Springfield, Massachusetts?


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I have to go to Springfield, Massachusetts in July (it's a 3 hour drive) and I am hoping to make use of this trek by finding a good dancewear store in that area. If my mind isn't having one of its usual brain cramps, I think I remember a mention of a dancewear store in that area. Can anyone tell me if there is a good dancewear store in that area? I'm particularly looking for a store that carries Chacotts. Thanks!

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Hi Dancepig,


i had a quick look for you, and found these stores (they may be near Springfield??) or I may have got it totally wrong.:


Dance Store

4263 North Main Street

Fall River, MA  02720



Charlotte Klein Dance Shops

1110 Pleasant Street

Worcester, MA  01602



Dance Shop

S 102 R Franklin

Holbrook, MA  02343



Simpkins Meg Square Dance Shop

119 Allen Street

Hampden, MA  01036



If you need maps etc just go to the online Yellow pages : Yellow.com and I typed dance store in search.


Hope this may help.



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Thank you for all of your work! I will look these up tomorrow when I'm at work and have a map. One of them must be close, Massachusetts isn't that big! :cool2:

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The best store close to Springfield is in Ludlow, MA and is called Fancy Feet Plus. If you use Google, it will give you the phone number and address although the store has no web site. It would be good to call even if you don't need to for directions (Mapquest?) because I seem to remember that they aren't open every day and only part of the day on Saturday.


They are very nice and the smaller of the two proprietors is good at pointe shoe fitting. The other woman is also very helpful and knowledgeable, but doesn't quite have the same knack. They have lots of pointe shoes compared to other stores, but unfortunately, I can't remember if Chacotte is a brand they have. I know they have Bloch, Capezio, PrimaSoft, Gaynor Minden, whoever makes Swanilda (Repetto?). I'm sure they also have others I don't remember.


Hampden is the only town on Xena's list that is close to Springfield, but I have never heard of that particular store. Everybody in Western Mass has heard of Fancy Feet is willing to drive quite a distance to get there.


If you are interested in classes while you are here, I can recommend Ken Lipitz at New England Dance Conservatory in East Longmeadow (very close to Springfield) or send me a message and I'll let you know about classes in Amherst and Northampton. (More like 30 to 45 minutes from Springfield.)



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They do carry chacott and fit these alot.

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Fancy Feet carries Chacott? Thanks, I'll get my feet over there, most likely on the Saturday I'm in Springfield.

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