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first class of the summer

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So... Do we adults get a brag board? Yesterday was the first "adult" class of the summer and since I've been taking class with the "kids" all year, it was a refreshing change. We had a wide mix of abilities but I think the teacher gave us each the appropriate level of exercises, my hats off to her, switching it up like that.

Afterward we had an adult pointe class with varying levels as well. There were only three of us and we varied greatly; one on pointe for the first time, one just a little longer and then me. I remember being in this class last year and I've noticed the improvements I've made. I'm so tickled, practice does bring improvements. And just for all of you to know... I pulled off those pique turns on pointe with lightning speed. And...I can now do a clean pirouette on pointe both en dehor and en dedans both left and right. :flowers: Okay, that's my brag for the year and I won't do it anymore, I promise. Goodbye me, pink with glee!


Spinbug Ping pong and volkswagen bugs forever! And, of course, Ballet!

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Go you, that must have been awesome!


(We don't get a brag board, but we get virtual champagne on the adult buddy board. Cheers! :o)

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:innocent: Thanks, Jaana. The champagne tastes very good, even if it is virtual! Class is again tomorrow night. It's taken me all week just to get the soreness out of my muscles. What am I going to do when I go to ballet camp next month? I'm sure to be really out of shape if I don't pick up my pace. When I practice at home I don't push myself nearly enough.


Hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks again, Jaana! By the way, I always enjoy your posts, good head on your shoulder and a nice person to boot!



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