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knock knock- ballet student here. But I couldn't think of a better place to post this. I would like to get my ballet mom a gift. but something really special. I'm stuck in thinking of a GREAT idea. so, what gift would you all love from your dancers?



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The most wonderful presents I've ever been given by my daughter have been drawings or paintings that she has done herself. Most parents cherish the things their children make. If you're not artisticly inclined then write her something from your heart. :D There is nothing better than something that comes directly from you. :flowers:


And the other best gift in the world is time - spend time with your mother doing something you both love. :clover:

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Do you by chance have a great picture of yourself in a ballet pose or in costume? If so, why don't you have it enlarged -- say 5 x 7 and purchase a beautiful frame to put it in. This is a gift your ballet mom would treasure forever.

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I just want to reiterate to Giselle that these are great ideas. My dd is artistically inclined, and I love the things she makes/draws. Before I read BW's post, I would have suggested a photograph, also.


Another possible photo would be a family photo - a fun vacation picture - some special time - in an interesting frame.



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Absolutely, without question, the best gifts from my children are homemade. I can't think of anything they could buy that would mean as much as something that comes right from them. My 7 year old will take a paper plate and paint a picture on it, and it's special.


One of my twins is very artistic. She loves to make her own cards out of scrap booking materials. She's made me beautiful cards with heart felt letters to me inside. Anything you give her that comes from you will be special because of her love for you!

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A heartfelt letter telling your mom how much you love her, and how much she means to you would be kept and cherished...I can't think of any store bought gift that even came close to the lovely cards and letters my DD has written to me. :flowers:

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Giselle! You made my morning! What a sweet thought! I would have to agree with the above posts but especailly the heart-felt note! My daughter is not really lovey-dovey but she can express herself so beautifully in her notes. They are few and far between but every one is so very cherished!

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I would have to agree with the other dance moms that a homemade gift from the heart be it artwork or a card would be the most treasured gift of all. What a sweetheart you are to do something to show your appreciation :wink: !!!

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The best gift I ever got from my daughter was for father's day the year she moved away from home (to dance). It is a simple glass frame, about 2 feet square, in which she had arranged a collage of photographs. All the pictures are of things that she and I had done together - those special just-the-two-of-us father/daughter trips that I thought she had forgotten about.


It hangs over my nightstand next to my bed. It's the first thing and last thing I see every day. I think that what makes it so special is knowing that she remembers the things we did together and it meant something to her as well.



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Giselle, All of the ideas posted before sound wonderful. As a mom I would also love to just spend time with my daughter. Maybe you could buy 2 tickets to an event your mom would like to attend or plan a day of shopping, visiting local museums or art galleries or gardens or what ever your mom enjoys and then having a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant. Good Luck :lol:

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This last idea is from thedriver is what my daughter (14 at the time) gave me for my last birthday. We eat out often, although usually on the run. But, on this occasion, I chose the restaurant, we dressed up and it was lovely to spend social time with my daughter and then have her pay the bill!


I think the key for parents is to see their kids spend some time, energy and thought in whatever they do for us. Cost is not important. Your throughtfulness is! Sounds like you are a very thoughtful gal and I know your mom feels very fortunate! :lol:

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THank you for all of the great ideas. I think I'll write her a note and maybe treat her to something. Maybe dinner ( i liked that idea) Thanks again! :)

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