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I don't really know how to explain this properly, I hope anyone understands what I'm trying to say.

In singing, I was always taught to breath "in the belly" using the abs, to be able to sing from the diaphragm instead of from the throat. In ballet however, I was taught to breath "in the chest". How should I breath normally, and what to do when dancing and singing at the same time??? :blushing:

Any help would be appreciated! :wink:

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Marjolein, I was trained as you were, using the abs. This works for me dancing (I was NEVER a singer!), and it seems much more efficient and strong than chest breathing.

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Yes, diaphragmatic breathing is what you want. Sometimes, it's even called "breathing through the back"!

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Thanks! :wink: I was really wondering, as chest breathing (and throat singing) is a killer for the vocal chords, especially when belting, resulting in vocal nods and hoarseness :blushing:.

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