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Washing shoes


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How do you wash canvas shoes? I have Angelo Luzio soft canvas shoes and they are getting quite dirty. For my SI I want to clean them. Do I stick them in the washing machine and let them air dry? If so can I stick them in with a load or by themselves?

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Sure, you can machine wash soft shoes. Just don't try it with pointe shoes! :blushing:


It's a little less stressful on them to handwash, but they'll stand up to the machine just fine.

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Wash them in cold water in the machine, and do NOT put them in the dryer. They should not shrink if you do it that way.

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One thing to know is that the insoles always came out after I washed my soft shoes, which were Bloch. I haven't tried washing my Capezios, which I wear now, so I don't know if they do it too. I didn't care, and actually preferred it, but I know it did bother some people. I machine washed, and I'm guessing that a careful handwashing would keep this from happening.

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Guest live2dance115

From experience...you can machine wash them, but DO NOT put them in the dryer, they will shrink and they will probably never fit your feet again!

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Just dry them stuffed with newspaper or a shoe tree. Even leather shoes can stand washing machines, as I've discovered much to my horror over the years! :wink:

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One of the nice parts about handwashing is that you don't necessarily have to immerse the whole shoe in order to wash it! You can clean just the upper using ordinary laundry or even dish detergent and a rough washcloth, and ignore the sole entirely. Some people like to do this as they feel that the sole has been impregnated with all the good stickum and crud that makes it an anti-skid device! :wink:

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