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She "bevels in her shoe"


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A woman came to my DD's recital last night and commented to another mom that DD "bevels in her pointe shoe."


We have no clue what this means. Not wanting to appear stupid we just smilled.


Should we have been shocked, insulted, or pleased? Can somebody explain to me what it means to "bevel in her pointe shoe?" I guess I need a descriptive explanation.



EDIT: Never mind: I did a search on this site and found all manner of descriptive explanations. :wink:


So I guess I'm pleased :wink:

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Are you at all sure that she knew what she was talking about? "Beveling" is a nice term for "sickling out", which isn't really a good thing at all. I have a vague idea what she meant, but I am no more psychic than I was when working for Mr. Joffrey, who sort of expected that you knew everything he meant! :wink:

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No, Mel, you are right: I spoke too soon in my "pleased" edit above. I am still confused even after reading the old "winging and beveling" thread on this site.


However, in the context the woman was speaking last night, I don't think SHE understood "beveling" either. So I'm not going to worry about it.


Whatever DD is or isn't doing will likely get corrected in class.




I DO know that recently DD has been "sitting in" her point shoe and Ms. Jorgensen at Md Youth Ballet gave her some corrections that seem to have corrected that.


But "sitting in" and "sickling out" wouldn't seem to me to be particularly related unless Im just more clueless than I know (entirely possible.) double sigh.

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Actually, I can picture a foot with one carrying toe that looks like it wings when it's on pointe, but is still within classical parameters, so maybe that's what was meant. Ms. Jorgensen is good. She'll get DD up and out of those shoes in short order.

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My dd had this problem and it took a long time to solve the sickling. Her feet were not very good for pointe but she was determined to make things work. What finally seemed to help her was a different brand of pointe shoes. She tried many different kinds and the softer pointe shoes seemed to help her the most. I don't know why your dd sickles but I thought this might be useful.

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