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after two years


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I'm a 25 year old girl who started ballet about one and a half years ago ; not very sporty to begin with, and not very flexible either . What level should I have reached by now ?


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Minty, that depends on how many classes a week you are taking, and how regular you are in attendance. If you take two classes a week, I would expect you to still be a beginner, and at best an "advanced beginner". If you take daily classes, it might be possible to work at a lower intermediate level, however that would depend on the school, too, in terms of how strong those classes are. Ballet is a long, slow process. One does not jump quickly from beginning to intermediate level, especially as an adult. Patience, and continue to work and take as many classes as possible. :cool2:

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Sorry, forgot to tell : I take 1 ballet class + 1 floor barre each day

I wonder, if for instance, I should be able to master two en dehors pirouettes ?

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Minty, those doubles should be coming along any day now. Just remember, if you can do one, you can do two! :wink:

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