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Ballet Schools in England - Reading


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Hey All! I'm headed to England for the summer (with my family) and was wondering if anyone knows of any Ballet Schools either in Reading, England or the surrounding area? I've tried googling it--but no luck. I don't want to go away for vacation and not be able to dance! I think I might have withdrawls! :o Thanks!

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Guest beckster

Several of the adults on this board have lived and danced in Reading, but most of us have moved away now. You will probably find it difficult to find a class over the summer as most dance schools are closed throughout August and "summer intensives" don't really exist over here. Reading is not too far from London (about 30 minutes to Paddington station by train) so you could think about taking a class or two there - the places that do open classes such as Pineapple or Danceworks will be open. Your best bet will be to get hold of a Yellow Pages phonebook and just call round when you get there. Yell.co.uk has some listings (try dance schools as well as ballet schools) but there are definitely more in the paper version.


I hope you're not spending the whole summer in Reading! There's not much to do in the town itself, although London, Oxford and Henley are nearby ...

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Hi Calidancer,


I think you actually might be able to find something, you will just have to call around. If you come up to Oxford at all there should still be some classes going for a few more weeks, and then starting up again in mid-August. Some of them depend on demand, so do let studios/teachers know that you are interested!


Also, if you do go into London, as Beckster said Danceworks and Pineapple are great options and are also very easy to get to!


Good luck, and enjoy your time here!



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Thanks for all the info! I can't wait to go to England! And don't worry--I'll be traveling around--not just staying in Reading! Thanks again for all the help.

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Guest beckster

Sorry to butt in on the topic, but I wanted to ask ami1436 whether she is from Oxford? If so, can you give me any ideas of places to dance in the city, as I'm moving there in October and I'd like to be able to continue with RAD if I can. I know the university has a dance society but I'd like syllabus classes if possible. Thanks!

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