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Guest IloveDance

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Guest IloveDance

Hi, at my school we do the RAD syllabus up untill grade six and then my teacher takes the remaining syllabuses(sp?) and gives them her own style. I'm going to be doing a summer program this year that is strickly RAD and they wanted to know what level I was at. My teacher said Intermediate. I was wondering what some of the actual excercizes were like just to see if I'm on track? Does anyone know?


Thank you


oh, and one more thing, what is the "normal grade level" for someone 15?

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There won't be anything that you don't recognize if you've been through grade six. And by "slipping" the curriculum to grade six before doing the vocationals, ideally, you would be at Intermediate at 14. At 15, you would be doing Advanced Foundation, but then, that's no hard and fast rule.

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