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Hey... whoever is reading this.


I am a 22 year old guy thinking of starting ballet. Would love to talk to anyone who has an opinion about it.


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Bill, I moved this over here because you have more in common with the adult students than with the Young Dancers 17-22, as the latter are on-track vocational students and almost ready to enter the job market in some ballet-related capacity.

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If you'd like to do it, do it. Simple as that. Could be you won't like it, after all, but if it happens that you do, starting classes will most likely feel like one of the best decisions you ever made in your life, later on. And you don't really lose much by trying it out, even if you then decide you don't want to continue.


If you have specific questions, by all means do ask. There's loads of adult beginners here who can advice, not to mention very helpful and knowledgable moderators.

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yeah sorry about the double posts in the same forum...

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Yeah! Another guy to join our group! Well, thebill, I can tell you this, the ladies really enjoy it when a new guy joins ballet because it mean more pas de deux partners to dance with. Normally the ladies outnumber the men two to one if not more. Perhaps that is enough to make you want to join! :innocent: Hope you enjoy your experience.



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Yea for thebill! The only thing I can recommend is to check in with the teacher before the class to find out what the teacher allows for a dress code (if there is any). Most of the classes I've been in allow a starting adult to wear whatever they find most comfortable as long as it allows movement, i.e. sweat pants, socks, t-shirts, etc. Then, after a few classes, you might want to talk to other students in your class to get some ideas about dance clothing that you like. Enjoy your class!

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Thanks guys.



I am going to finally have time today to call a few studios and check them out. Hopefully I can find something to suit me in the area. If not I might have to wait til after graduation, Im not sure how busy I will be come fall. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for the encouragement.

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Bill, you don't mention what part of the U.S. you're located in. If you want to share that information, one of us might be able to help you with finding a class.


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I am in auburn alabama and I am currently a student at auburn university whcih does offer beginning dance, but the class is full for my last semester here...


In any case I have been calling studios and I am actually kind of dissapointed. None of them have live people answering the phones, but rather voicemail that wants me to leave a message. I had hoped for more of a personal touch since I am so clueless about this, but such is life. Its no big deal. The only studio that did have a person answer the phone I can safely rule out because the lady talked to me like I was crazy haha. I believe her quote was;


"Let me get this straight. You are a 22 year old male and you want to start ballet?"

" Yeah I am interested in some begining classes if you offer them."

"Um well are you a college student?"

"Yes ma'am."

"And you want to take ballet?"


It went on like that. Anyhow It was probably funnier live than online. Now I will just sit and wait to hear from the other two studios. One has a really professional website, and a new building which makes me hopeful that the rest of their service is first rate. The other bills themself as a "ballet company" that offers lessons to beginners as well. They have no website, and neither of these places have living people answering their phones. Oh well...

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Don't feel bad about the voice-mail. Most studios do not have full time staff for their phones. I have never found one that had a live person on their phones, but all do call back. If possible, you might want to go and watch a class before you make a financial commitment. Good luck!

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Ballet is a fantastic pasttime, and 22 isn't too late to get started in it. Your experience so far is fairly normal, so don't sweat the details. Many small studios don't want the overhead of paying someone to man the front desk and answer the phone, so voicemail is typical. Finding a good adult program can also be a challenge. Not every studio offers adult classes, and even some that do aren't serious about teaching technique.


When you find one, it's good to observe a class to get a better idea of how it works and what is expected. Afterwards, if you get a chance - ask some of the students about the place.


You should expect a fairly serious atmosphere, although many instuctors allow more joking from their adults than they would allow children to get away with. The studio doesn't need to be elegant, but at a minimum it should be clean and have a sprung dance floor (I took class at a place that put wood directly over a concrete floor once, and it was actually painful).


When you find the right place, commit to taking class for at least 2 to 3 months on a regular basis (couple times a week) before allowing yourself any possibility of dropping out. Why? Because when you first start, you'll probably find learning ballet is really hard and the initial learning curve is steep. During that time, its easy to get discouraged. If you stick with it, you'll start getting the hang of it and really enjoying taking class.


I started at a later age than you, gave it up for awhile, came back to ballet something like 6 years ago, and am really glad I did. If you'd like to compare ballet notes with another guy, feel free to write



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Thanks dudes, I have actually had a few people send me instant messages, which is the best way to reach me. I really apreciate the feedback, and I am not ignoring you barretalk we just seem to have clashing schedules, i have already addedyou to my buddy list. I welcome any and all feedback from guys and girls. Hit me up here or at wkp2 on AIM. I think my email is listed here someplace, but if you want that too feel free to ask!


Thanks again.

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I think my email is listed here someplace, but if you want that too feel free to ask!

Uh, no - your e-mail isn't visible.

Please send me an e-mail because IMs tned to not work for me.



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within munites of me typing that last post the phone rang... It was one of the two local studios that i have left voice mail with. The lady I spoke with was way cooler than the last place. She seemed enthusiastic and halpful. She said she is going to send me an email with their website and stuff. They dont have classes for beginners right now, but they do have them in the fall which might be just what I am looking for. She seemed like she actually wanted to work with me and find a place for me to "fit". Anyhow Thats my rambling.

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