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getting back into shape after 2 months

ABT Wannabe

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ok so i am slowly (VERY slowly...) recovering from achilles tendonitis. i stopped dancing for 2 months to get help. now that i have recently returned...i feel weak and worthless. In adage, I worked and push my muscles very very hard, but they dont seem to go anywhere! I start getting really shaky and out of control. :shrug:


My question is...How long do you think it would take a girl of 13 to regain her strength back?

Any help would be really good! Thanks! :)



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Everyone is different, ABTWannabe, and it's hard to know. It depends a lot on your strength to begin with, how much you were able to do during the injury, like floor barre, Pilates, or whatever you did to stay in shape), and how much you can do now without overdoing and starting the tendon up all over again. Since you were off two months, it could take two months to get back to where you were, but it could also take longer or happen much sooner. The thing is with achilles though, you can't push it. You have to go slowly. You can, however, do lots of other things, like I mentioned above, that do not point the foot. Floor exercises, work with a trainer or Pilates instructor, swimming, even resistance machines at the gym.

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