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Warmups for Male Dancers??


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Hello everyone - my DS has come home for a visit and told me that he would like "full" warmups for summer school. Yes, Mel, he has ripped out the crotch of his cotton PJ bottoms again - it's off to the rag bin this time! :shrug:


Are there full knit warmups (unitard style) for men??? Or knit pants? Or have your sons used something else? He already has short legwarmers, but wants something longer. He also doesn't want to use the school sweatpants, he finds them too bulky and heavy.


Thanks! :rolleyes:

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Guest PAmom

I know my son had a pair (black/knit)that pulled to the chest and had 1" thick shoulder straps. They were made by Harmonie.

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My son wears nylon warmups but about 2 sizes larger than he would really wear. He also has some pajama pants that are knit rather than the flannel type.

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The only things I've seen that sort of make allover warmups are unisex. They sort of look like Dr. Dentons, except no escape hatch in the back. I've seen them in flannel and fleece, too.

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Go to the Discount dance site listed below. (This is a Capezio's oulet in Wayne, NJ.) They have a full unitard in a cotton spandex knit that is great! I got one and just ordered two more! They come in pink and ivory but a clever mother such as yourself could dye it. They were $58 bucks reduced to $5.00! Great place for men's dance belt too. Capezio quilted belts $5.00. :P Look under Knitwear! Type in dance belt into the search when looking for those. Hope you son enjoys these, I think they are great and don't worry about the size they really stretch a lot! I think a guy twice my size could still wear them. They are form fitting as well as light.



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Guest happycc

Wear Moi International has the awesomest warm ups. We just got some and my son loves it.


nice soft polar fleece stuff. Perfect for the winter too.



I am happy with my purchase.

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:D Thanks everyone for their suggestions - we are off to Montreal tomorrow and are going to head to Rosetti's where they actually stock mens/boys dancewear in a full range of sizes and styles - hard to believe eh??!!. (They supply the Cirque du Soleil male dancers). If we can't find something there, I will look online at your suggested sites. Meanwhile, today, I'm sewing him new PJ bottoms for his SI, but told him, NOT to stretch in them!! :D
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I'm not much of a sewer myself, but would it help to put a gusset in the crotch? I'm thinking of something like Gramicci climbing pants. If memory serves, they have kind of a diamond-shaped patch in the crotch that eases movement a lot.


I found a picture for you.

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Yes, a lozenge or square gusset in the crotch helps a great deal. Also cutting the fabric on the bias, or use cotton jersey.

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:yes: OK - we had success in Montreal - bought a really nice pair of KD cotton knitted warmups with 1% lycra for stretch with long roll-down waist. Son is very happy.


Cotton jersey sounds great for next pair of PJ bottoms. Thanks!!

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