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Guest waterwerty

These past weeks i have been noticing that the side of my hip is hurting. I think it may be because I am using the wrong muscles in developpes. I know I should be using my hamstring and butt muscle, but I cant seem to engage those.


So, my question is how can i strech out the hip, and what can I do to try to engange those muscles. Should I try doing excersizes to strengthen them? :shrug:

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Myles, I would reserve judgment on whether you need to stretch the hip, but it certainly sound like you could use some rest for it. Remember, when you work a muscle, you are generally contracting it. When you stretch it, you...well, stretch it! Sounds more like fatigue than anything.

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Guest Future Star

you can also try yoga. I know that some people say that yoga doesn't work for dancers because they are already so fexible(ha right! :shrug: ) but it helps you find your core and then you can try and start working other muscles from there. It really works!!! :rolleyes:

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Remember this, though. Yoga is not primarily about the postures. It is about interior things that are not totally of the body.

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