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no ADC for me this summer


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(Picking up where I left off...)


The performances were successful, but my medical condition was still precarious. The symptoms which led to my emergency hospitalization were still there. The doctor said I could either schedule an elective surgery soon, or face doing it on an emergency basis sometime down the road.


So, bottom line: I've kissed off the summer for work, vacation, and Adult Dance Camp. Next week I get carved. A week in the hospital, another month of not lifting anything more than 20 pounds, and then watch out - I'll be back!


As a 3 year member of the ADC alumni club, missing that is the thing that bums me out more than anything else. I expect frequent reports from my friends there.

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Scott - I am just now catching up on all the news, and I was devastated to hear that you're temporarily out of commission.


Yowch - one of Our Guys! How can we get along without you? Our ADC Men are worth MORE than their weight in gold.


From a purely selfish point of view, tell me that you'll be well enough to come to the second August session of ADC (August 15-21). I'm going back then, and need a partner!


Hang in there, and keep us posted...


Carolyn (ChatDePas) ;o)

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Get better Scott, what was the affliction?


My left calf muscle has been hurting for over a week, at the top of the muscle but deep inside the calf. I feel okay until 1/2 way through a class, and severe pain by the end of class. I will stay off of it for a few days to see if it improves. Hope I can make it to Richmond in August.





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Guest fastfeets

Wow, I hope you're well mended soon. I can sympathize with the ADC regrets, as I cannot attend this year either...for medical reasons (silly obstetrician thinks it would be bad for third trimester pregnancy were i to attend an intensive in late august...*shrug*)



Shall we form a support group? :)



...and are you feeling better now?

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