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Can i still be a teacher?


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Hi all,


I started learning ballet only in my early 20s and have been dancing around 6 years. I am now gearing up for my INtermediate exam (old ele) and have done my Pre ele , grade 7 and 8 in the past years. I have been assisting the young kids (lower grades) for my teacher for one year plus. I would like to know for someone like me who has not gone through the grades, is it still possible to take the teaching cert program after i passed my inter exam? Would I still be credible as a ballet teacher as compared to someone who has done ballet since young?


I would like to know how realistic it is for me to become a teacher.


THank you !

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Here's the RAD "boilerplate" description of what qualifies you to be an RAD teacher, but it seems a bit shy on particulars. Contact your national RAD HQ for details, I would guess. And once you've qualified under one of these certification programs, you are not obliged to tell anyone that you didn't dance with the Australian Ballet, but it is unethical to suggest that you DID if you did not. :wink:

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