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What makes a Good Male Dancer?

Guest Polo161

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Guest Polo161

I thought i would ask this as a general question to all who read.


What makes a good Male ballet dancer..... On stage, in the class, in whatever situation.


I feel to become a better male dancer my self, it would be a good idea to listen to what people thoughts are on the topic...


please spill all your thoughts... :wink:




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OK, first, be male. This is the sine qua non of the argument. I don't mean hostile/aggressive "masculine", just male will suffice.


Second, be a dancer, be a good dancer, do the technical stuff correctly and be able actually to dance alongside your partner, not just walk around behind her.


Partnering is important! You can't survive on just being a soloist.


Be aware of the space around you and the people in it. Dance cleanly and clearly and don't bump into the scenery.


Show respect for your fellow dancers, from your most senior teacher to the littlest tiny tot in the school.


Be prepared to help out in rehearsal, and I don't mean do stagehands' work, necessarily, because in some places you can get into trouble for that, but be ready to jump into a part and "block out" at least what the dancer who's missing is supposed to do. Things like that.


Become familiar with your contemporaries. Talk to them. I don't mean that you have to walk a mile in their shoes, but alongside for a couple hundred yards would be good. Decent Human Beings and Nice Guys may not always finish first, but they sure last a lot longer than the alternatives.

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